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Our Word on the Street podcast provides you with ideas on how to attract and win new business.
In each episode we delve into the world of marketing and new business, speaking to the most famed agencies, businesses and membership organisations and brands from across the globe to give us an insight into their world.

We dig into various topics to find out exactly what B2B organisations and brands want and need, as well as how they like to be approached and work with agencies. Over the various seasons, we have covered topics such as how businesses can win without pitching, the power of procurement, the agency landscape, defining your value proposition and how to deliver better online pitches – as well as covering current research and future trends.
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Harnessing the power of activism within your brand is a game-changer in today’s socially conscious marketplace. Yet, many businesses struggle to integrate purpose-driven initiatives seamlessly into their marketing strategies… This week’s episode is your guide to ensuring you’re not among them. We’re diving deep into the unique blend of activism marketing with Kerry Thorpe, Head of […]
4 words no marketer ever wants to hear…’Your marketing will fail’ 😨 We are back with another MEGA instalment of the Marketing In The Madness podcast, but this week you might notice something a little different… That’s right we’re at MAD//Fest 2024 and in honour of our exciting partnership with MAD//Fest and their Female Leaders […]
Harnessing sales and marketing collaboration is the linchpin of success in any forward-thinking business, yet many still struggle to fuse these pivotal teams effectively… This week’s episode is your blueprint to ensure you’re not among them. We’re diving deep into the art of leveraging your sales team to supercharge your marketing efforts with Laura Thornley, […]
We’re excited to bring you another must-listen BONUS episode of our podcast series. This week, we’re joined by Laura Thornley, the EMEA Field Marketing Leader at Contentful, who is at the forefront of empowering women in the business world. In this empowering episode “Finding your voice and embracing authenticity”, Laura shares her insightful journey as […]
Driving a high-performance culture is the key to success in any business, but it seems some are falling short in creating the perfect environment for it to thrive…This week’s episode is your ticket to ensuring you aren’t one of those.   We’re uncovering the power of perfecting high-performance culture in the workplace with the man […]
Empowering women through mentorship, with E.on Next Head of Digital, Abdul Khaled   We’re on a mission to empower women & revolutionise the business world so women everywhere have an equal opportunity to success. A key movement in making that possible is empowering women through mentorship, which E.on Next Head of Digital, Abdul Khaled is […]
Retail is an ever-evolving landscape that is seeing some businesses struggle to keep up, so how and what are other companies doing that allows them to keep ahead of the curb and innovate to stay relevant… You can uncover the secrets behind some of the biggest retail innovations of the past decade in this week’s […]
We’re back with another BONUS EPISODE of Marketing In The Madness, where Katie Street is continuing to tackle the need for not only equality and inclusion but also the empowerment of women in the workplace and the need to cut the stigma, particularly within the realms of Marketing and Technology. This week Katie welcomes Fabrice […]
Female entrepreneurs deserve your backing, here’s why:   Only 2% of all capital raised in the UK goes back to a female entrepreneur 🤯   And 87p in every £1 goes to back all-male teams 😲   It’s time to take a stand, and the powerhouse leading the change is this week’s podcast guest – […]
Janine Jacobs is changing the world of work as we know it.    Now Co-Founder of HappyHQ; a culture consultancy, Janine has a background in marketing working with brands such as PepsiCo, Nestle, Bupa, Hilton and the Queen of Shops herself – Mary Portas! 🛍️    Janine is here to wave the flag for why […]
Ecosystems are on the rise across the industry right now, so on this week’s episode of  Marketing in the Madness, host Katie Street welcomed David Nisbet,  Agency Ecosystem Partnerships, EMEA at Stripe and Josie Klafkowska, Global Partner Marketing Director at VML to join her as they delve into the dynamic world of marketing ecosystems and […]
Flexibility is the true magic behind creating a better working environment, don’t just take our word for it, Janine Jacobs, Co-Founder of Happy HQ, joins Katie on this week’s bonus episode of Marketing In The Madness to uncover the true power behind flexibility in the workplace and how creating a culture that encourages, not discourages, […]
Welcome back to another exciting bonus episode of Marketing in the Madness, in this week’s episode, Katie dives into another powerful discussion on the need for not only equality and inclusion but also the empowerment of women in the workplace and the need to cut the stigma, particularly within the realms of marketing and technology. […]
British Gas is changing the game… Charlotte Todd is lighting a fire under British Gas! 🔥(pun intended…) 😉   This fashion-marketing powerhouse with the likes of Net-A-Porter, Reiss, Chi Chi & Missguided under her belt has totally switched industries – exchanging couture for currents. 👗⚡   Now the Director of Marketing, E-commerce & Strategy at […]
Welcome back to another exciting bonus episode of Marketing in the Madness, where we delve into transformative journeys and pioneering strategies aimed at fostering a female-friendly future in technology. This week, we’re delighted to feature Richard Surman, the visionary Head of IT at Crew Clothing, who brings a wealth of knowledge on elevating women in […]
Forget what you know about shopping – this tech leader is changing the retail landscape for good! 🛍️   Driving Transformation using technology is a key theme of the Marketing In The Madness podcast, and this week is no different, as Katie welcomes Retail Technology Royalty, Richard Surman.   Richard is the mastermind behind the […]
In this week’s bonus episode of MITM, we dive deep into the conversation of gender equality within the tech industry, a realm where change is much needed yet challenging to enact. Our special guest, Serge Albohayre, Head of Partnerships and Business Development at Apply Digital, shares his unique perspective as a man who spent the […]
It is time to bring emotion into B2B Marketing Behind every company logo and corporate brand are real people with genuine emotions, aspirations and concerns…So why as B2B businesses are we losing that emotional element in our marketing? This week we caught up with Serge Alboyhayre, Head of Partnerships & Business Development for EMEA at […]
We’re back with the second instalment of our BRAND NEW podcast partnership with MAD//Fest Female Leaders Club! This time, we’re honing in on the importance of allyship across the industry. As you know, we are on a mission to change the game when it comes to equality across the industry – to do that successfully, […]
📩 Did you know that while 68% of marketers actively engage in email marketing campaigns, only half have ever considered harnessing the valuable real estate at the bottom of their emails? 🤔   Yes, we’re talking about email signatures – those tiny yet mighty spaces that often go overlooked.    And with thousands of emails […]
This has been a long time coming. As an advocate for the females in the working world, not only in this industry but from all walks of life, I knew I had to use my platform to DO MORE. … and I am doing just that with the support and encouragement of some leading voices […]
Digital needs to get flexible…Embracing technology in marketing is no longer a choice – it’s a necessity! 💥   For marketers hungry to embrace technology this latest episode of the Marketing in the Madness podcast episode will guide you through the maze of innovation.  This week Katie Street welcomes Jasmin Guthman, a trailblazing figure in […]
Marketing in the Madness is back LIVE in London with a panel of industry leaders on the frontlines of the AI revolution!   Let’s give a warm round of applause for… 👏   🤖 Abdul Khaled, E.ON Next, Head of Digital, Customer Experience & Digital Products 🌐 Gavin Williams, Creed Fragrances, Global Digital Director 🖥️ […]
This week Katie welcomes the dynamic Laricea Ioana Roman-Halliday to the “Marketing In the Madness” hot seat to talk all things Purpose vs. Profit in the world of Business 🔥   Laricea is a seasoned Head of Marketing in EComm Fashion at Boohoo and the gambling realm of Party Casino, plus author of “A Brand’s […]
Ready to Level up your LinkedIn Strategy in 2024, then you’ll want these LinkedIn Growth Tactics. 🚀   Buckle up for an exhilarating ride as Marketing In the Madness brings you a true social media wizard and marketing legend, Luan Wise, to help you do just that! 🧙   In this podcast episode, Luan reveals […]
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