Working as a Creative Digital Marketing Intern during the pandemic

Over the past two weeks, it’s been an honour to have Fátima with us – our Creative Digital Marketing Intern. With so many students struggling to find placements due to Covid-19, here at Street we wanted to do our bit to support upcoming talent by offering a work experience placement.

After meeting a number of applicants via Zoom, Fátima really stood out as someone that was positive, enthusiastic and driven – a perfect fit for our agency. Based in sunny Spain, she has developed competitor and social media research, as well as a comprehensive editorial calendar.

Let’s get to know a little bit more about her experience with us…

How did this opportunity come about?

Due to the pandemic, with offices closing around the world and so many people working from home, it has made it really difficult for student’s like me to secure internships. Being on my summer break from University, I really wanted to gain some work experience despite the pandemic and I started looking for remote opportunities. I wanted a marketing related position, so when I found the opening on Workfinder to run a Creative Digital Marketing project for Street Agency I applied immediately and was lucky enough to be chosen to work with them.

What’s your experience at Street Agency been like?

Simply excellent. The Street Agency team have been so friendly and welcoming and have been clear with me from the first day in setting expectations. Katie did a brilliant job explaining the credentials, giving me a really good insight into the great things Street achieve for their clients. The daily catch ups with Michaela have been extremely helpful, I’ve been able to ask questions and get invaluable feedback on my project. They are unique in everything they do and are brilliant professionals. Their passion for this work is irrefutable!

What has been your favourite part of this project?

Every part of the project has been exciting! Street Agency is an incredibly special agency, helping other agencies with their new business and marketing. Conducting competitor research has given me important insights into the industry, allowing me to think about which ideas would be useful to introduce. Checking Street’s Google, Instagram, and LinkedIn analytics has allowed me to understand what content works well, giving me a basis as to where Street could improve its reach. However, I think that the creation of an editorial calendar has been the part I’ve enjoyed the most as I have been able to apply all my previous conclusions and be creative.

Do you think working remotely has been a drawback?

No, I don’t think so. Although being in the office can give you a direct understanding of how an entity works, Street Agency members have managed very well to help me understand their business. Moreover, I think that the ability to work remotely is also especially important and this has been the perfect opportunity to help me improve in this area and gain more discipline.

Would you recommend this internship to other students?

Absolutely! This Internship has been an excellent opportunity to improve my CV and make good use of my free time during August. I love marketing and this digital project has fully met my expectations. Working with so much flexibility and understanding has also been an extra benefit I’m very grateful for!


We’re very grateful to Fátima for her kind words. At Street Agency, we pride ourselves on being an agency that’s inclusive and somewhere that people want to work. Fátima has produced some fantastic work and we’re already thinking about future projects we can involve her in. And for now, we wish her all the best!

By Michaela Dudfield
19th August 2020
3 minute read