Welcome to The Madness!

In July 2020, our Word on the Street podcast was launched with the goal of helping agencies break through the noise, attract attention, and win new business. After 118 episodes and over 25,000 downloads, the podcast—which won the 2023 ALF Award for Best New Business Initiative—has been sent off to a well-deserved retirement.

In its place is a new and exciting podcast—Marketing in the Madness. The podcast launched officially on May 23rd and within days it entered the Top 10 on Apple’s UK Marketing Podcast Chart and achieved a five-star rating!

Marketing in the Madness brings the knowledge and insight of expert guests from the marketing and new business universe. Not only will you, the listener, boost your marketing know-how, you’ll also hear stories about how brands are grown from good to great, the strategies and tactics used to solve both common and unusual challenges, as well as find out how esteemed guests themselves would like to be marketed to.

From major brands, marketers, and influencers to female-focused companies and the latest tech developments, our guests and content will bring you the full range of experience and viewpoint in what is an increasingly mad, mad world! And once a month, the host of the podcast—Street Agency founder Katie Street—will talk about her own journey and share her thoughts on the topics covered, as well as revealing invaluable hints and tips that she’s picked up along the way.

As you can hopefully tell, this isn’t just another stuffy business podcast. No way! We’re all about having fun and building a community of like-minded listeners who are as passionate about marketing as we are. So, grab a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine, we won’t judge), kick back, and let us entertain and enlighten you with captivating conversations, valuable perspectives, and a healthy dose of humour.

We want each episode to inspire you, provide the best solutions for your most pressing challenges, and answer your biggest questions, all so that you can become a bigger, brighter, madder marketing star in 2023 and beyond!

Listen and watch via the links below, and make Marketing in the Madness your weekly go-to fix for all things sales and marketing!

Spotify: https://rb.gy/cgmo8

Apple: https://rb.gy/jogcv

Google: https://rb.gy/y0a0q

Amazon: https://rb.gy/8z1y6

YouTube: https://rb.gy/u2j80

By Oliver Roberts
25th July 2023
2 minute read