The power of technology partners in New Biz

Technology partners power our marketing and sales strategies by allowing us to communicate effectively with our audience. Our tactics include podcasts, webinars, email marketing. These are all powered by our specially selected tech partners – here are a few to mention;


In light of becoming a new Hubspot Certified Partner, it’s made me rethink our CRM Strategy and how we prioritise it in our business.

We started working with Hubspot back in August and onboarded the technology for our own marketing and new business activity. It was a big change for us but necessary if we want to do for ourselves what we do for our clients and that is: win more new business!

Why Hubspot? It has great visibility of leads, pipeline, prospects, and engagement all in one place. For me, it was like a new toy to play with so naturally, I took the lead on the data migration. We’ve also grown a lot as a business over the past year and having a CRM and Automation Platform that will scale alongside the business was really important. There are new KPIs we want to measure and improve on and as our marketing becomes more sophisticated, our platforms need to measure the impact it’s having.


Different and budget-friendly, but still just as powerful, Kulea is a Marketing Automation platform that we’ve used since day dot. We partner with them to build and manage email marketing strategies for agency clients. They have an amazing support team that work with us closely and provide some of the best email marketing tips to optimise results.

We use a range of data platforms to source B2B data to send relevant events and content to. is the latest data platform we’ve onboarded and it’s been incredibly valuable to our campaigns. The search functionality is by far one of the easiest I’ve used in a data platform and it also integrates with LinkedIn to make prospecting with people you’re engaging with really easy!

There’s a lot of choice in the world of Martech and when it comes to new business we certainly have our finger on the pulse in regards to which technologies will allow us to best serve our clients and ourselves.

If you’re not quite ready to invest in some of the larger platforms then we’re a great alternative agency as we’ll do the legwork for you in terms of set-up and outreach. Don’t forget, if you’re a TANBA member (The Agency New Business Acadamy) you’ll get special discounts on their partner platforms from the Tanba marketplace!

For more info on our services drop me an email at [email protected].

By Katie Street
19th January 2022
2 minute read