The best learning platforms for sales and marketing

Knowledge is power and for this year’s #TrainYourBrainDay we thought we would show you our favourite learning platforms for marketing and new business!

Here at Street, we believe that you should never stop learning, so take a look at the list below to find out more about the platforms and if they are right for you. Happy learning!

The Drum

The Drum has a lot of insights easily accessible from the home page, with regular content from thought leaders in the industry. They also regularly host webinars with some of the biggest agencies and brands, helping you pinpoint exactly the right approach to grow.


This is another great platform that has insights that can help agencies grow their business and get more out of their strategies. They host multiple events each year like The Business Development Club where they go into the nitty gritty of business advice and insights.


Interested in the future of digital and marketing? Well, BIMA has a report for it. They put extensive research into their insightful reports and give you an understanding on what is going on in the industry. With not only the blogs to keep you in the loop, they also host events for you to sink your brain teeth into. But that’s not all, they also have mentoring opportunities for their members, which means that you can learn from the best with one-to-one mentoring sessions. To top it all off they also host masterclasses, peer to peer mentoring, a resource library and online learning tools!

HubSpot Academy

Learn from one of the biggest marketing automation platforms which their extensive academy, that can not only teach you about marketing but also give you certification for your efforts. Want to improve your LinkedIn content? No problem! They have amazing courses that can teach you just about anything within marketing and sales AND it’s completely free! Talk about giving away the tricks of the trade.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn learning is a great place to learn new skills! With its subscription service you can get access to more than 16,000 expert led courses, certificates for completing a course and resources to help you learn!

Google Digital Garage

Google have their own amazing learning platform, giving you a comprehensive look into the most in-demand digital skills needed currently. They have online courses, certifications, live training, tools and resources all available once you subscribe!


Skillshare is becoming one of the biggest places to learn new things, from marketing to design, Skillshare has experts that lead on-demand courses, classes and workshops, as well as live sessions.


One of the most comprehensive platforms on this list is iDEA. They have a great set of lessons that are completely free, teaching digital skills with their interactive quizzes and courses. There’s also a badge system to track your progress.


This is THE learning platform for everything new business! While still in beta right now, soon you will be able to get academy training, insightful content, live events, templates, and help with leads & opportunities! With insights from the best in the industry, it’s a learning platform that’s not to be missed.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out these sites to find out more, getting you and your team learning!

By Whitney Sharp
13th October 2021
2 minute read