Your People Really Are Your Biggest Asset

On this episode of Word on the Street Podcast we are joined by Leon Milnes, Co-Founder of We Are Adam, who are considered sector leaders in helping ambitious businesses find great people! The award-winning digital recruiters have a great tagline which is “We want to get to know you from Adam” …and they’re not just saying that.

Their focus as a business is on building long-standing relationships and partnerships, not just their database. Why is this important? Well, as agency owners and senior teams will know, your people are your biggest asset and that understanding starts at the very beginning of the staffing process as you bring new team members into your organisation. Obviously building a strong team has always been essential to overall business growth, but given the times that we now live in – especially when you take things like remote working and the complexity that creates for building culture etc. –  into consideration, recruiting should have even more of a focus than ever for agencies.   

On this episode you will learn: 

  • Top tips for agencies to attract the best talent
  • How to turn heads when recruiting 
  • New business pipeline vs the talent pipeline
  • How to win amazing people
  • Best practices for working with remote teams

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Katie Street:

Leon Milns

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“I think what the last 18 months have taught us all as business owners is that people are very much our greatest asset” – Leon [18:39]

“The proposition has to be great, the culture has to be great…” – Leon [20:45]

“We marketed our business well and that’s why we’ve grown, it’s obviously helped us attract new business, but it has helped me attract talent” – Katie [22:23]

“Agencies forget to do their marketing, they get too busy doing other things” – Katie [23:48]

“The tap has to be on 100% of the time” – Leon [24:25]

“You’re magnetising new talent to come towards you” – Leon [25:27]

“It’s really hard to find amazing people” – Katie [27:20]

“The playing field has now become completely level” – Leon [31:10]

“Agencies that are maybe founded by creative or a developer or even a strategist sometimes, they don’t invest in the new business in the marketing” – Katie [36:54]

“A good new business person will do what we do for clients” – Katie [39:43]

“How many networking events have you and I been to, where someones literally on the front foot just selling” – Leon [45:39]