Your Marketing Will Fail Without The Right Technology

4 words no marketer ever wants to hear…’Your marketing will fail’ 😨

We are back with another MEGA instalment of the Marketing In The Madness podcast, but this week you might notice something a little different…

That’s right we’re at MAD//Fest 2024 and in honour of our exciting partnership with MAD//Fest and their Female Leaders Club our branding has had a little makeover – so for the next couple of weeks, we are officially ‘Marketing In The MAD//Fest’ 😍

We’re kicking off our collaboration series with our all-time favourite, Laura Thornley, EMEA Field
Marketing Leader at Contentful, Vodafone’s Software Engineering Manager, Ana-Maria Pasparan and Danielle Bramley, Digital Operations Lead at Costa Coffee.

This episode sees us breaking down the importance of getting it right when it comes to technology in marketing and helping you get it right because no one wants to hear ‘your marketing WILL fail. It is jam-packed with key takeaways and insightful discussions on how technology advancements, particularly through Contentful, are revolutionising marketing strategies for leading brands such as Vodafone, Costa Coffee and the wider Coca-Cola Company.

Ana-Maria and Danielle, share their personal experiences and strategies for integrating technology and marketing, emphasising the importance of flexibility, speed and collaboration between engineering and marketing teams to enhance customer experience. Something they both agree is all possible with their partner Contentful.

So, what are you waiting for? Tune in now to get exclusive insights into how these industry leaders are getting bold in their respective fields and driving innovation through synergy between tech and marketing.

And remember, without the right technology Your Marketing Will FAIL 😱

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Laura Thornley

Ana-Maria Pasparan

Danielle Bramley

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