Tactics to win new clients from some of our favourite guests

Katie’s picked out some of her favourite moments from the past few series.

The first clip is Gareth Healey, Marketing Agency Mentor and Founder of Beyond Noise. In it he talks about why it is important for your agency to stand out and be seen in a very crowded marketplace.

Our second highlight clip comes from Peter Markey, CMO at Boots, discussing how big brands like Boots place importance on the purpose and values they have and they look for similar values in the agencies they work with.

Next we have Ryan Hall, Founder & Chief Growth Officer at The Zeitgeist, who sold his agency twice! He has fantastic knowledge on how to drive sales and grow your agency with both warm and cold leads.

Last, but by no means least, is Sam Conniff, Director of uncertainty experts. He is an expert on helping businesses on how to overcome uncertainty. Sam dives deep into how businesses and agencies can – and should – focus on social innovation to drive growth as well as, of course, how we can all be more pirate.

This episode covers:

  • How can agencies cut through the noise and become more visible to the brands they want to work with?
  • Where agencies miss the mark
  • How agencies can add more value
  • Common pitching mistakes
  • How to make a compelling pitch
  • How to streamline the pitch process
  • Why business needs to focus on social innovation inside and outside
  • Proactively taking on change
  • The power of breaking stereotypes

Full Episodes:

Gareth Healey –

Peter Markey –

Ryan Hall –

Sam Conniff –

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