Winning high value clients

The rules are different when you’re working with the top 1% – the need for personalisation and an easy-to-digest format when you prospect is paramount. Advocating the emphasis on account-based marketing, trust and inspiration from potential business partners is Harri Evans, Head of Global Digital Marketing at Barclays.

Harri shares his view on why he feels marketers should be able to adapt beyond a single area of expertise, how seeing thousands of impressions on social content could actually indicate wastage, and his biggest DO and DON’T for agencies looking to approach a big brand.

This episode covers:

  • Adopting a different approach to attracting high value clients
  • Applying account-based marketing
  • Avoiding feeling pigeonholed into a specific area of marketing
  • Adapting to evolving data protection laws
  • Importance of speed and agility when working with big brands
  • The power of networks and referrals
  • Standout approaches to big brands

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Episode highlights

“My focus is how we can use digital marketing and use our digital assets and infrastructure to compete in that world, but also target and convert. It’s called a private bank for a reason, it’s quite cloak and dagger, so these people maybe don’t want to be found, and it is tough.” – 6:30 – Harri Evans

“In this world, anecdotal feedback is massive because there isn’t massive amounts of data because there aren’t masses of people which I go after. It’s definitely a quality over quantity game.” – 9:49 – Harri Evans

“I think it’s such a problem in any industry, but especially marketing I think, people say you know financial services, or you know this or that, and that’s all you ever can know. I just think it’s so wrong. ” – 14:54 – Harri Evans

“We, and most sites, are seeing big drops in what they can track analytics-wise and offer personalized journeys, because people aren’t opting in as much because they have a choice.” – 24:25 – Harri Evans

“Like any big organization, it’s knowing who you need and who to speak to about different things. It’s about bringing all the right disciplines together to work on a goal we have, and we’ve done that quite a lot. ” – 32:55 – Harri Evans

“You can’t forget the power of a referral. It’s so powerful that if someone you trust says ‘Go work with them, they’re the guys for this, they’re the agency for that’, you can’t beat that.” – 38:38 – Harri Evans

“Because agencies focus so much on the client, and not on what they’re doing and their own marketing, then it’s like you say, ‘Well if you’re not doing it, why should we believe that you can do it for us?’” – 47:55 – Harri Evans

“Don’t be too generic, or focus too much on how amazing you are and everything like that. I suppose that’s the biggest turnoff.” – 52:20 – Harri Evans