Why You Need To Hype Yourself and Brand Yourself

In this episode, Katie is having a massive fan-girl moment as she sits down with an expert and author whose work she is a big fan of, we are talking about the one and only Lucy Werner. Lucy is a PR expert and has just released her brand new book; Hype Yourself & Brand Yourself.

As well as her fantastic new book, the pair also talk about the power of knowing your audience, why you need to focus on evolving your brand rather than just ‘rebranding’, the importance of moving with trends, how agency owners have a real chance to stand out, why it is essential to have systems in place before a launch and lots, lot more.  

In this episode, you will learn 

  • The importance of your brand name
  • Why you need to be innovative in branding
  • Carving out your own voice, signature and identity
  • Why is it essential to have a deep understanding of your audience
  • The power of evolving your brand

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Katie Street:

Lucy Werner

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“It’s so important to understand, one your audience of course, that comes first, who are they? What are the problems they face? What is their personality? – Katie [13:00]

“Our audience is growing, we’re entering new markets, so I’m re-looking at our values” – Katie [13:53]

“It’s also important I think to keep looking at those things and keep evolving your brand” – Katie [14:05]

“Yes definitely evolve and move with the trends, but you need to keep your own signature and identity” – Lucy [15:12]

“Actually as business owners and agency owners, we have a real opportunity to stand out and make a difference – Lucy [15:58]

“Agencyland is 66% female lead in the UK” – Lucy [21:59]

“I’m a big believer in if you give out, you’ll get back” – Katie [31:46]

“We have had clients which we’ve turned away from, because ‘we don’t want to give away our secret sauce’” – Katie [32:30]

“I kind of liken myself as a business now, to like a boutique kitchen designer. I want to work with somebody on the craft of it and build something really bespoke and unique” – Lucy [34:06]

“Definitely get your systems and processes in place before you launch something like a book” – Lucy [43:16]

“People quite often do this thing that I call spray and pray” – Lucy [51:39]

“It’s much safer to go for the ‘ask’ upfront and then put the crowning credentials on” – Lucy [53:02]