Why Digital Needs To Get Flexible, with Contentstack & MACH Alliance’s Jasmin Guthmann – Episode 32

Digital needs to get flexible…Embracing technology in marketing is no longer a choice – it’s a necessity! 💥


For marketers hungry to embrace technology this latest episode of the Marketing in the Madness podcast episode will guide you through the maze of innovation. 

This week Katie Street welcomes Jasmin Guthman, a trailblazing figure in SaaS and Digital Transformation Marketing with more than a decade’s track record of driving massive results. 📈 


Jasmin has built and nurtured the Corporate Communications department at Contentstack, one of the pioneering companies in the composable digital experience platform space and served as the VP and Head of Marketing for the MACH Alliance, a non-profit industry body advocating for future-proof, open and best-of-breed enterprise technology ecosystems.


In this riveting conversation, you’ll…


👩‍💻 Discover Contentstack’s ingenious approach to creating a harmonious playground for marketers and developers. 


🌐 Dive into the intricacies of their revolutionary tools like the Automation Hub and Launch features, unravelling a world where innovation is not just fast but is an integral part of the workflow. 


🎧 Learn the power of composable platforms in adapting to evolving business landscapes through gradual, low-risk implementations.


🖥️ Discover the seamless fusion of marketing, sales and technology. 


Katie and Jasmine delve into topics like vendor collaboration in the tech industry and how industry body’s like the MACH Alliance are making integration seamless.  They also address how progressive companies are tackling issues like skills gaps and job security in an AI-driven world.


Don’t just survive; thrive in the age of digital transformation and discover valuable insights on composable architecture in today’s marketing landscape. Tune in now.



Episode highlights


“Your ability as a business to keep up with all those changing environments is crucial. You will die if you cannot….get ahead of the curve and innovate at a speed at which you can still surprise delight your customers” – 5:14 –  Jasmin Guthmann


“Sales, marketing, and tech; the only reason that you need the technology is to deliver the marketing and the marketing, you only need to deliver the sales. So the three things have to work holistically together” – 7:09 – Katie Street


“If you are still on a monolithic system, what we call the “legacy players” – Sitecore, Adobe, Salesforce, that kind of thing. It is very hard for you to move at the speed that you need to move at. And it’s very hard for you to do anything that is outside of what the vendor that you’re currently with, foresaw that you would need” – 9:15 – Jasmin Guthmann


“I feel a bit like that with a platform we use at the moment…because I cannot do everything I need to do. They hold me in. They won’t respond to anything without charging me more money…I’m not valued. I can’t get out. I’m stuck. And it’s frustrating…when you’re trying to innovate and make a difference, and you can’t, because the technology is holding you back.” – 16:34 – Katie Street 


“What I would love is a AI tool, that can look at my feed and hook into my LinkedIn and my Instagram and say ”this is me, this is how I talk.” This is my tonality for me and the same for Street Agency.” – 27:16 – Katie Street 


“Find something that you’re passionate about, find something that you want to understand and find something that keeps you on your toes while you’re digging deeper and deeper into that. No technology in the world can take that from you. ” 30:17 – Jasmin Guthmann


“Do we want to create a world where access to data is a privilege? And only certain people have access to certain kinds of datasets? Do we want to go back to the Middle Ages? We need to find new solutions to the new problems that we’re having.” 32:44 –  Jasmin Guthmann


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