Why building relationships is THE solution to your sales problem

You’ve probably heard the expression ‘people buy from people’, but as the world continues to navigate a ‘new normal’ the days of only being able to network in-person, are definitely behind us. So what should your new networking strategies be now? And how can you take a more multichannel approach to building relationships in a hybrid world?

Katie was joined by a panel of experts from both brand and agency, where they discussed how you can improve your strategies to ensure you build valuable relationships that help feed your pipeline.

In this episode you will hear:

  • Utilising social and digital channels to build your networking opportunities
  • Nurture your relationships more effectively using digital & physical touchpoints
  • Showing up and networking in person
  • Increasing your referrals and recommendations

As always, our webinars were full of so many amazing insights, but here are our key takeaways from the panel:

  • Katie Street, Founder of Street Agency – “It’s got to be about authenticity and it’s got to be around understanding the needs of your audience.”
  • Cat Agostinho, Co-Founder of Imagen Insights – “We might have people that are doing similar things but not being scared of those competitors and also sharing learnings wherever you can without sharing too much information.”
  • Tom Carter, Managing Partner of Operations at krow.x – “In terms of building the relationship from that kind of initial contact it really does come back to properly listening to what’s being said and showing the kind of intelligence to be able to respond to that.”
  • Alex Chatterton, Marketplace Business Development Manager at B&Q – “Really maximise the day because I think that’s such an important thing especially in a world where everyone is so tied down with work there’s so much going on and that gives me the opportunity to then make sure that I’m maximising my time.”

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