Using the 5 Cs to fuel growth together

Wow, what a Podcast to finish the year! Welcome back to Will Sergeant, Chief for Business Development at AND Digital.

They are in the top 20 fastest growth companies in Europe, this year they have employed 450 staff and have a turnover of around 100 million. Will accelerated the development of world-class digital capabilities of brands from British Airways and Conde Nast to The Telegraph, Gousto and more. He’s also previously worked for The North Highland Company UK, GSK, Sainsbury’s, and the East Coast Mainline Company.  

In this episode you will hear:  

  • Can you explain what the 5 Cs are?  
  • How can these be used to fuel growth? 
  • Why is walking away from an opportunity/ pitch just as important as pursuing one?  
  • How do you generate a really positive new business culture in your agency? 

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Key Moments  

“For us the growth is really about creating opportunity, for our people but for our clients as well” Will [9:49] 

“First of all, a lot of people saw BD as this sort of evil thing that was salesy and in it for yourself, the second thing was that it was this dark art that either you were born with it or not, and the third one was that it was someone else’s job.” Will [17:00] 

“You guys have got really clear goals that everyone can get their head round and work towards.” Katie [19:00] 

“We do that for every ANDY that joins us, does their own HBDI to understand how they see the world and how others see the world, as all of that is really intrinsic to us and it’s a language that we use.” Will [20:29]  

“You need to understand the person and able to act a little bit like a chameleon so that your able to empathize with that person and they’re going to understand you so you can talk to them in the right way.” Katie [21:23] 

“We really wanted a framework that helped break down the different component functions of fueling growth and of business development and made it tangible for people to understand what behaviours we believe makes someone affective in this space” Will [26:45] 

“So the 5 C’s are; Content, Consistent, Collaborate, Context and Courage.” Will [28:16]