The world of agency pitching

Being likeable is the most important thing. Understanding your audience is critical. It’s all about the presenter. Top tips for agency pitching in episode 6 of Word on the Street.

Katie chats to Tish Mousell, Consultant and Former Account Director at Publicis London and McCann Erickson who has experience in client’s such as L’Oreal and Coca-Cola. Tish now trains others in selling ideas, presenting with confidence and pitching to win.

Katie and Tish discuss:

  • Choosing your key players and their roles in the pitch
  • Examples of successful & disastrous pitches!
  • How new business has developed in the last 10 – 20 years
  • Agency culture and work-life balance
  • Presentation format and culture

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Episode highlights 

“My biggest total utter scariest thing was presenting. I would say to the team, “I”ll work all night, and all weekend but do not make me be the one that has to stand and deliver.” And this went on and on for too long. And finally when I was at McCann, they sent me on a presentation training course. And it was absolutely life changing.” Tish Mousell –  3.39

“If you want to be successful in your career you are massively advantaged if you can stand up and deliver a presentation in any business.” – Tish Mousell – 4:30

“I was criticised by my bosses for being too theatrical in pitches, but I tell you the client’s bloody loved it! It showed passion, excitement and interest.” Tish Mousell – 6:33

“The rule is it’s seven seconds before people have made a decision whether they like you or not, you want them to like all of you.” – Katie Street – 9:02

“Do your research. Why are they doing it? And if you can show that you care, you understand their problem, and that you’re the perfect fit for the solution, you’re through.” – Katie Street – 12:08

“I don’t miss the panic of it but there’s something about the adrenaline and the speed of it all. That’s quite exciting.” Katie Street – 20:45

“When you’re pitching to people via Zoom, if you call them out, then they’re going to pay attention. If you can call people out early, if they think they’re going to get called out again, they’re much more likely to listen to your pitch.’ – Katie Street – 32:53

“Again this comes back to how important the audience is. You need to understand that in advance because if the stakeholder is big picture and you do a detailed presentation, they’ll just fall asleep.” Tish Mousell – 45:22