The truth about success, with Sabrina Chevannes

Sabrina is a Podcaster, Business Owner, Chess Master, and Author. She is the Founder of Complex Creative – who are known as the No Bullsh*t Agency, as they are fully honest and transparent with their work and they explain things exactly how they are.

Sabrina has her own Podcast called ‘No Bullsh*t Talks’ where she has real, honest conversations with entrepreneurs and business owners all over the world. Sabrina is part of several initiatives including the Complex Creative Pro-Bono Scheme, Mentoring at the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Digital Day for BIMA, Taking the Million Tree Pledge, Teaching at Birmingham City University, Cancer Research UK Challenges, and Macmillan Coffee Mornings.

This episode covers:

  • Being an upfront and honest agency
  • Reinventing your business
  • Branding yourself to find the right clients and stand out
  • The realities and hardships of running a business
  • Client contracts and building better quality relationships
  • Knowing who the right client is for you
  • Leads, opportunities, and conversion
  • The truth behind becoming successful

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