The Secrets to Winning More Clients – Live Marketing Masterclass


To celebrate the 100th episode of Word on Street Katie hosts her first live podcast with a panel including 3 of the biggest names in marketing.

Grace Andrews Head of Content for Steven Bartlett and UK #1 Podcast Diary of a CEO. Grace speaks about how to build your personal brand and optimise it to win more new business.

Kate Munday, Google’s go-to speaking coach. She has 10 years experience working in sales and marketing with some of the most globally recognised companies from the FTSE 500. Kate speaks about how to be more present and better communicate with prospects and clients.

CEO of Piscari, Mike Lander, Piscari trains and coaches sales and account teams to improve their negotiation skills for every stage of the sales cycle. Mike has helped sales teams negotiate better deals with their clients.

In this panel they discuss how best to manage and source content, why you should be building and developing a personal brand, and how to win new business and negotiate better deals with those clients, as well as share priceless insights from their years of working in marketing.

This episode covers:

  • B2B marketing “must-dos”
  • How to create better and more engaging content
  • What to do to be a better public speaker
  • The importance of having a strong brand identity
  • How to win more new business without hard selling

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