The Real Journey Of Growing An Agency

In our bonus episode to kick start season 5 of our podcast, Katie sits down with Nathan Anibaba, Founder and Managing Director, Agency Dealmasters and Lucy Mann Founder Gunpowder Consulting Ltd and host of podcast Small Spark Theory®, these are two people we are big fans of at Street and they are the King and Queen of Agency New Business Podcasting!

Listen to hear about the exciting journey of new business, running an agency and the processes involved. Together with Katie, they share stories on what they’ve learnt from their own podcast guests, discussing client problems and how they can overcome them, and how it’s not about being unique!

By listening you’ll learn:

  • Inbound business vs cold outreach
  • Understand the buying cycle
  • Measure the activity, not just the results
  • Budgeting your funnel
  • Voice market over share market
  • Applying creativity to your clients
  • Consistency to grow your brand

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Katie Street:

Lucy Mann

Nathan Anibaba

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“Creating a proposition for a client, having them see value in it, having them understand that actually, this is the right thing for us to do” – Nathan [14:45]

“New business is such a fantastic career option for young people” – Lucy [15:42]

“It’s so frustrating when people, they don’t give new business people enough time to have an impact” – Katie [18:51]

“Most agencies that you talk to will say; where does most of your business come from? It comes from word of mouth and referrals. Brilliant, that’s how it should be, but…” – Lucy [20:36]

“In order for you to build a brand; ‘A’ it takes time, but ‘B’ 60% of your marketing budget needs to go to the top of the funnel brand building activity” – Nathan [24:03]

“And we know that brand building doesn’t happen overnight” – Nathan [24:27]

“If you can have a distinctive and a strong message that tells your audience how you can help them, it’s not about being unique” – Katie [28:52]

“Everything that our agencies do is a response to some kind of trigger or challenge.” – Lucy [35:14]

“One of the key things I used to push when I was at agencies was how I can get our amazing people noticed” – Katie [37:22]

“Brands that set share of voice above the share of the market tend to grow” – Nathan [38:54]

“What we do, all of us, is we build engaged audiences” – Katie [41:49]

“If you have loads of RFP’s or pitches on, the marketing is the first thing to get dropped and if there’s anything I’ve learned from running my own business, that is the thing I will never drop” – Katie [42:25]

“I’ve discovered a new niche of agency which I’m calling accidental agencies” – Lucy [44:18]

“With email, you can communicate to a large group of people at mass” – Nathan [48:17]

“Regardless of your educational background or your starting point, we can all decide to become more than what we are” – Nathan [57:47]