The Power of Selling on Social: LIVE with Diary of a CEO’s Marketing Director, Grace Andrews, and Adobe Senior Manager, Andy Lambert – E20

Everyone knows Adobe & The Diary of a CEO – what do they do SO right with their social media marketing that everyone else is missing…?


There’s nobody better placed to share their social secrets than Adobe’s Senior Manager, Andy Lambert, and Diary of a CEO’s Marketing Director, Grace Andrews!


Joining us in Soho for a STELLAR live event in September, Grace and Andy dish out the hard truths about going viral, the value of your word vs your customers’, and choosing your channels wisely.


This episode covers:

  • Why virality is a blessing and a curse
  • The need to walk a mile in your customers’ shoes
  • Multi-channel marketing strategy
  • Putting social first, not as an afterthought
  • Grace’s unique definition of consistency
  • How to build trust across multiple channels


Episode highlights

“We need to shift our mindset because the way that people use social media has changed dramatically, and B2Bs in particular are behind the curve. It’s the way that people make decisions now. 65% of the world’s population, 4.6 billion people, log on to social media every single day.” – 5:50 – Andy Lambert


“I needed to walk a mile in their shoes, to build a social media strategy, to work in Excel and build a content calendar on Excel and realise the pain. That allowed us to build a product that truly understood and talked to all that pain. Naturally, it becomes so much easier to talk about this through your marketing content.” – 15:45 – Andy Lambert


“Not every single launch is going to live on every single channel because it doesn’t make sense. So you need to really look at the audience, who you’re trying to speak to, what’s the piece of content, marry it up, and then create content that speaks directly to those people.” – 19:45 – Grace Andrews 


“I want you to think about consistency as consistently experimenting, and consistently trying new things and features, because that is the way you’re gonna grow. If you’re just going to be consistent, your channels are probably shrinking. What I want you to think about is how can I apply one experiment consistently for the next month?” – 24:30 – Grace Andrews 


“Only 0.1% of all social media users are unique to one channel. So if we want to reach our total addressable audience, we need to be thinking multi-channel.” – 31:20 – Andy Lambert


“What other people say about you is more important than what you say about yourself. We overvalue the stuff we put in our feed and undervalue what other people are saying about us.” – 39:20 – Andy Lambert


“Just because there’s a trend going on, doesn’t mean it’s going to be right for your business, doesn’t mean it’s going to be right for your audience, doesn’t mean it’s going to be appropriate, and doesn’t mean there isn’t still risk involved.” – 47:30 – Grace Andrews 


“The biggest risk is you could go viral. You attract all sorts of people seeing your content, who aren’t necessarily your target audience. What does that do in the long term? It skews all your data, everything going forward looks terrible.” – 51:40 – Grace Andrews


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