The Power of Podcast for Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Podcasting is a growing part of the marketing sector. James Burtt is a branding expert who has worked with 150+ entrepreneurs, brands, investors, PTs, coaches, influencers, actors, athletes and media companies on how to create global audiences by having a branded podcast. All of his clients’ shows have featured in the iTunes top charts which makes him one of the leading podcast experts in the country.

James has launched – and managed the development of – a number of six figures businesses and brands, now spending the majority of time running his full-service content production agency, Phonic Content.

This episode covers:

  • Why podcasting should become part of your marketing strategy
  • What podcasting will do for your business
  • How to use a podcast to build your personal brand
  • The best way to build your podcast
  • How to choose the right guests for your podcast
  • Different ways to monetize your podcast

There were so many amazing takeaways from today’s episode, and these were just a few of our favourites.

How podcasting can help you build relationships

Being able to position yourself as a thought leader through hosting your own podcast has so many benefits. From a new business point of view, it attracts people into your marketing funnel who listen to your podcast and become regular listeners, allowing you to build relationships with them. As a podcast host, you are able to share helpful information that solves the problems your audience are having, making them feel like they know you and giving you a one up on your competitors who haven’t built this kind of relationship with them, making it more likely for you to convert their business. You can invite guest speakers onto your podcast who you’d like to become a clients of yours, giving you the chance to build relationships with them and learn more about each other whilst recording. Having your own podcast enables you to understand the challenges that your audience are facing, giving you knowledge and insights on how to improve your agency/business, and produce better work for your clients.

The benefits of having your own podcast

Hosting your own podcast, as well as being a guest on other people’s podcasts builds trust and credibility, reaching a wider audience of people in different spaces who will learn more about you and your brand. In your space and sector, there probably aren’t as many people creating and producing their own podcasts as you think! By having your own, you are attracting more attention whether you have a huge audience and listening or not. Even if you have 100 listeners, that is 100 potential clients, 100 people who value what you are saying, 100 people who are engaged and 100 people you can start to build relationships with. Go to the places that you are most likely to cut through, and make use of the spaces where there is less noise. You’ve got to understand the needs of your audience, why you are creating a podcast in the first place, what you want your podcast to do for you and your agency/business, what you want to say and who you want to say it to.

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