Bonus Episode: The magic happens in flexibility

Flexibility is the true magic behind creating a better working environment, don’t just take our word for it, Janine Jacobs, Co-Founder of Happy HQ, joins Katie on this week’s bonus episode of Marketing In The Madness to uncover the true power behind flexibility in the workplace and how creating a culture that encourages, not discourages, females to excel in their careers regardless of whether or not they choose to become a mother, is the true answer to achieving an equal working world for all.

Following her own experiences of working in a place, and at a time, that offered little to no flexibility and opportunities for females, especially those who were looking to enter motherhood, Janine realised something needed to change. There was a need to offer better workplace cultures and opportunities for females in the industry; so, off the back of this, Happy HQ was born, designed to help companies put their people first and create a culture that their people truly want and need to make great and magical things happen  🪄

The episode uncovers some harsh realities for females from all across the working world and is an eye-opener for many, with real-life scenarios from both Janine and Katie, the truth of what being female means in the working world is hard to ignore, and champions the need for the Females Leaders Club, and of course, episodes like these, as they share real-life stories, and bring to the forefront the change that is needed.

This week’s episode resonates with females’ true struggles and showcases to those who might be going through it that they are not alone, and there are people championing change and making a difference for them.

Tune in now and keep an ear out for Janine back on our feed next week with her inspiring marketing journey 🎧


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