The LinkedIn Growth Tactics You Need In 2024 with Luan Wise, Social Media Consultant, Trainer & Author – Episode 29

Ready to Level up your LinkedIn Strategy in 2024, then you’ll want these LinkedIn Growth Tactics. 🚀


Buckle up for an exhilarating ride as Marketing In the Madness brings you a true social media wizard and marketing legend, Luan Wise, to help you do just that! 🧙


In this podcast episode, Luan reveals her organic, yet strategic LinkedIn growth approach to elevate your LinkedIn presence from mundane to mesmerising. Discover the wizardry behind optimising your profile to attract new connections and actionable tips that will not only boost engagement but also conjure leads out of thin air 🪄


Learn about the importance of content diversity; creating a blend of thought leadership, personal updates and visual posts. Then how to maximise the reach of this content by navigating LinkedIn’s unique features to get in front of those all-important eyes 👀 (…and ears!) of your target audience.


What to Expect: 

This podcast episode is a magical journey you cannot afford to miss! ✨ Brace yourself to unravel:


🌐 The art of playing the long game in B2B content creation.

🎉 Our top LinkedIn features, including events, lives, and ads.

🎭 Tips to create engaging and authentic content that resonates and encourages LinkedIn Growth.

🔍 How to optimise your LinkedIn profile, making it a beacon that beckons others to find and recognize you.


Tune in now to transform your LinkedIn strategy 🎙️✨


Episode highlights


“You’ve got to see your LinkedIn profile as putting on your high-vis jacket, and letting people find you and see you for what you want to be known for and what you want to be doing and supporting people with.” – 9:10 – Luan Wise


“I’m much more focused on the platforms like LinkedIn that push us out to market and pull people into the funnel. Yes they may then want to go and dig deeper on our website, but I do wonder whether one day, we may not need websites.” – 14:49  – Katie Street


“Search results are being integrated with TikTok search results as well. So I think we’re going to see more of a shift towards things coming together.” – 18:19 – Luan Wise 


“I believe every organisation does need a page on LinkedIn, whether you’re a one person, organisation or large organisation, you need to establish your presence, you need to add in your “about” description and location and number of employees.” – 20:28 – Luan Wise


“The LinkedIn live events feature has been around for a while. I was actually part of the early beta testing of it. I’m a LinkedIn learning course instructor, so sometimes we get some early features, and not everyone has access to LinkedIn live.” – 26:43 – Luan Wise 


“It’s super important to make sure that the more people you’re connected with, the more people you’re bringing into the funnel. And as long as you’re continuing to show up with that valuable content, it really works to help you build those leads and develop those new biz conversations.” 31:55 – Katie Street


“I have quite a strong opinion on collab articles at the moment. I’m always open to change and there are lots of features within social media platforms, and sometimes you can try something new, but prioritise and say actually, I could get better results by sticking to my own articles or my own posts.” – 38:52 – Luan Wise


“The risk of putting everything on there and not putting it on your website is you don’t own it. You don’t own the data. You can’t. There’s a certain element, you can see, but you can’t see everything.” – 45:32 – Katie Street 


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