The key marketing trends to focus on, with Hubspot Academy’s Senior Manager, Kevin Dunn

In this podcast Katie speaks with Kevin Dunn, a PMP® certified project manager and senior manager at Hubspot Academy, where he leads the team responsible for partner and developer education. Kevin is also a recent finalist for the ACE Voice Award from and the host of Agency Unfiltered, a weekly podcast featuring agency owners from around the world discussing operations, growth, and scale.

In the podcast Katie and Kevin uncover the marketing trends that you need to know, as well as discussing how Community Qualified Leads (CQLs) is the future of marketing.

This episode covers:   

  • Key Marketing trends that you should be focusing on
  • ChatGPT and its functions 
  • Identifying and understanding your audience and their needs 
  • How to identify what your audience are looking for 
  • HubSpot’s most successful marketing tactics 
  • Community marketing 
  • How to show up and be more present within the community 
  • The importance of data and analytics in marketing 
  • Tracking customer journeys and key metrics that matter 
  • How to make smart business decisions

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