The future of media and digital transformation

If there’s one source of information that the agency world could consider a holy grail for transforming new business and marketing strategies, it’s The Drum. So who better to pull back the curtain on how they’ve diversified and facilitated international, cross-border business and learning, than their Co-Founder, Diane Young.

Diane joins Katie Street to unveil the exclusive developments that The Drum are making with their new Drum Lab in London, and how they plan on helping agencies stay up to date with technological developments and digital transformation.

We also hear the 6 most important areas that The Drum are focusing on right now, and why specialising your service offering will catch the attention of brands.

This episode covers

  • The key to The Drum’s success, diversification
  • The future of media and digital transformation
  • The 6 problem-solving areas that are important right now
  • Staying up to date with cutting edge tech
  • The benefits to specialising
  • Creating international networks for cross-border learning and business
  • Respecting people’s time in marketing comms

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Episode highlights

“We started to look at how we could land the ‘bigger fish’, by making sure we were in the right geographies where there’s plenty of customers for us, and then within those geographies thinking, who are the big customers that we could really do something to help and how would we go about doing that.” – 8:50 – Diane Young

“Everybody is needing to innovate at the moment. There’s not really any standing still for anybody.” – 12:30 – Diane Young

“What we’re trying to do is get lots of people into the new Drum Labs. Ideally, lots of people from different companies at the same time where they can have chance meetings and they can explore the technology that each other are looking at.” – 17:45 – Diane Young

“6 months ago, people said they’d never want to go back into an office again. Survey’s have been done and now they don’t feel like that. They really do want to go back to the office now because we’ve been stuck at home for so long.” – 20:30 – Katie Street

“One of the key roles that agencies can play is to be up to date with the cutting edge.” – 22:00 – Diane Young

“Most brand buyers of agency services understand that there is literally not a single agency in the world that can do everything anymore. So they’re looking for the real specialists that can bring deep expertise.” – 25:10 – Diane Young

“People and agencies are opinionated, and they should be because they’re there to try and make companies stand out. So they’ve got to have an opinion as to what’s good, what’s bad, what’s creative, what’s effective, and what technical things need to be done in order to get the message out the best.” – 32:35 – Diane Young