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On today’s Word on the Street episode, Katie speaks to Guy Edwards, Founder of Blackbird Agency.

Guy is a salesperson and trainer with 16 years of experience, a good proportion of that working on agency propositions, Guy is passionate about outbound sales.
By his own admission, he is wildly impatient and as a result developed a sales process that whilst supporting the prospect’s decision, both qualifies their value to the salesperson and moves them through the process to close quickly.
Guy started in a clients services role many years ago but soon realised that sales was his “jam” and never looked back.
If he was to sum it up – “Sales is at its core asking the right questions and then actually listening to the answers”.
Guy trains business owners, sales professionals and teams alike across the UK.
In his spare time, he is a passionate outdoorsman, fly fisherman, father to his son George and more than a bit fond of good food and wine.
He strongly believes that salespeople need to train and keep their skills sharp. They are the beating heart of any business.

In this episode you will hear:

  • How to get better results with Guy’s sales processes
  • Psychological processes behind selling
  • The benefits of cold calling
  • Guy’s approach to sales training

Guy’s 5 top tips for selling on the phone…

1. Know your proposition and elevator pitch inside out. Weight it heavily on the value that the client gets after they work with you / buy from you.

2. Know your best prospects, in terms of sector, business type, and deal size. Hunt in the richest waters. Do not waste your valuable time in an unfocused way.

3. Prepare the questions which will give you the information you need for a sale to be made. For example, budget, timeframe, who are the decision-makers involved, what does the ideal outcome look like for them, and have they done it before? How did that go for them?

4. Take a “Challenge lead approach”, how do we help our prospect, make money save time, grow their business…… etc.

5. Be positive, in control of the call and situation, Never be subordinate to your prospects, you bring real value to your clients and be resilient.

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