Sales, Relationships and Automation

In this episode we have somewhat of a ‘case study’ with one of our clients Jamie Willey from Tribal and we’re also joined by Andrew Nicholson from our sponsor Kulea. We enjoy a laugh and a wine whilst we talk through Jamie and Andrew’s experiences in growing their business through generating and converting leads.

We talk about how the global pandemic, albeit a tragic event, has actually helped the digital economy and the associated marketing industries around it, with many businesses pivoting online.

We talk through the synergy (often the forgotten grey area) between sales and marketing for your business and we share – through the experiences of the last year – when was and wasn’t the right time to sell to clients.

In a slightly strange twist we end up comparing agencies to dating on tinder through to marriage and we discuss the importance of being widely seen sharing how it can result in business from sectors you never thought about targeting.

We also touch on various valuable marketing software automation systems, examining just how they make the whole process of lead generation and nurturing potential clients so much easier, so that your time is spent more effectively and efficiently.

This episode includes:

  • Building strong relationships with clients
  • Utilising systems such as Kulea to automate relationship building
  • Using your time more effectively on the right type of client
  • Attracting new business
  • Pivoting business during the Pandemic
  • Personalisation at scale

Links & References

Katie Street:

Connect with Jamie Willey:

Connect with Andrew Nicholson:

Episode Highlights

“We did have to pivot pretty quickly and we were probably one of the first agencies out there and I remember feeling panicked at the beginning!” – Katie Street [10:14]

“Now wasn’t the time to sell to clients…” – Jamie Willey [13:43]

“The platform alone is not enough, it’s everything that exists in that ecosystem around the platform.” – Andrew Nicholson [17:43]

“You don’t build a 12 month pipeline by just firing out sales emails” – Andrew Nicholson [19:17]

“In my experience especially owners of businesses, CEO’s, agencies, they bring in a hot shot new biz guy who they thinks got the silver bullet” – Jamie Willey [20:03]

“Agency owners, CEO’s, sometimes have a very unrealistic expectation to what that process looks like for new business” – Katie Street [21:14]

“It’s all about having conversations; it’s all about having dialogues” – Andrew Nicholson [24:07]

“Clients don’t want to pitch either now” – Jamie Willey [25:10]

“The desire from the brands is to change, they want to work differently” – Katie Street [26:28]

“It’s a really great way to think of new business, if you think of it like, the dating process” – Katie Street [28:09]

“Personalisation and automation are two sides of the same coin. You can’t have personalisation at scale without automation.” – Andrew Nicholson [34:23]

“This is a very difficult thing to achieve with your current clients… Advocacy.” – Jamie Willey [35:39]

“Don’t be afraid to ask your clients to recommend you” – Katie Street [39:01]

“You need to be accessible, you need to be there” – Andrew Nicholson [45:52]

“We’re not just going out bullishly, just pumping out ‘oh talk to us, talk to us, talk to us’” – Jamie Willey [51:05]

“Just start to do something, because if you don’t, you’re never gonna’ build that audience” – Katie Street [1:01:12]

“If you’re starting off fresh with your marketing message, start with that message; how can I deliver value? How can I help? – Andrew Nicholson [1:01:54]