Ryan Hall joins Katie on the Word on the Street podcast
Compelling Pitches and Crafting The Perfect Positioning
with Ryan Hall, Founder & Chief Growth Officer of The Zeitgeist - S5 E13

In this episode we speak to Ryan Hall, Founder and Chief Growth Officer at The Zeitgeist. With over 20 years experience in Business positioning, strategy and revenue growth for leading global brands in their field Ryan and his team help businesses and brands that need the right positioning and purpose to achieve growth – they assist by creating the right market offer and positioning, because without this businesses, brand and products can’t accelerate their customer acquisition and achieve the outcomes laid out by their business plans. As Ryan shares in this show, by architecting the right proposition, based on value, and a modern thinking for your go-to-marketing strategy, you can accelerate your growth and beat the competition.

As well as his work at The Zeitgeist Ryan has also founded his own niche-luxury perfume retail and subscription brand HOOHAA, his is an in-demand board member and recently became an author with this new book ‘Architect, Acquire & Accelerate’ available to pre-order now. 

In this episode you will hear: 

  • Common pitching mistakes
  • How to make a compelling pitch
  • Weird pitch tactics
  • How to streamline the pitch process

Links & references

Links & References

Katie Street: https://www.linkedin.com/in/katiestreet/

Ryan Hall: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryanghall/

Get Ryan’s upcoming book via The Zeitgeist Book

Discount code: WOTS25 (25% off purchase)

Link: https://bit.ly/3cRsojS

Check out Ryan’s Subscription fragrance brand Hoohaa

Discount code: WOTS25 (25% off first month’s subscription)

Link: https://bit.ly/3nRDL1h

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“When I was growing up, I ended up going to work really early” – Ryan Hall [5:30]

“Firstly, don’t sell” – Ryan Hall [16:04]

“Sometimes it is an education piece” – Katie Street [27:51]

“But think of the potential missed opportunities” – Ryan Hall [30:13]

“That story to have in your arsenal or in your portfolio, not only says a lot about the way you can work, but also a lot about the mindset and the culture of your business” – Ryan Hall [33:20]

“I think the structure you’ve given us as a business, has really free’d us up” – Katie Street [35:33]

“Human beings with the right attitude, want to learn new skills and develop themselves and progress and grow” – [37:56]

“I was almost scared to spend money I guess” – Katie Street [39:30]

“I do take risks with our budgets” – Katie Street [43:17]

“What other things do we need in order to pull them along the pipeline?” – Katie Street [49:43]

“Rather than having to go off and write a proposal, the idea of a gateway product is just to have a little battle card” – Ryan Hall [52:05]

“It’s so important, thinking about that sales ladder and that journey that you want and need to go on is, I guess, rule 1!” – Katie Street [55:50]

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