Retail Reimagined with Selfridges Director of Product, Tech & UX, Fabrice Khullar – Episode 40

Retail is an ever-evolving landscape that is seeing some businesses struggle to keep up, so how and what are other companies doing that allows them to keep ahead of the curb and innovate to stay relevant…

You can uncover the secrets behind some of the biggest retail innovations of the past decade in this week’s episode of Marketing In the Madness, where we’re joined by Fabrice Khullar; Selfridges, Director of Product, Tech & UX and previously leading digital transformation at Sainsbury’s and Sky ✨🛍️

In this episode, Fabrice pulls back the curtain on major projects that transformed the customer experience & revolutionised the way retail positioned itself in an evolving digital landscape.

From designing apps that changed how we grocery shop to creating new digital experiences in luxury fashion 👗👜👡

In this episode, you will:

🚀 Learn how global brands like Selfridges, Sainsbury’s and Sky stay ahead of the curve.

🤖 Find out how cutting-edge technologies like AI are disrupting retail and what’s next on the horizon.

📱Get the inside scoop on how top brands generate ideas, test concepts and turn customer insights into amazing products.


Tune in now to discover exclusive strategies for driving innovation that you won’t find anywhere else🎙️



15:16 “You basically designed everywhere I shop. All the apps that I use, you have been sat there making them brilliant for me, so I can spend more money.” – Katie Street

20:06 “The importance of getting real data and being able to really try something out, to understand how it’s going to work and how it’s going to be consumed. I think, actually, in the long run saves you a lot of money, because then you’re not building the wrong things.”  – Fabrice Khullar

25:50 “People always assume that you’re going to build something or you’re going to introduce a new proposition, and then customers are never going to go back. Right? That’s going to be the way from that point onwards.” – Fabrice Khullar

37:50 “I know that especially at the more luxury end of retail, there’s always been a worry about diluting the experience if you’re talking to a robot. But there might be use cases where that makes sense. Because actually, you’re just asking a simple question, or you just want to change your password, things that you could just allow a machine to do, which will make you much more efficient. And then maybe you can actually focus on delivering the parts of the experience that are more complex with your humans. Right. So I think we’ll start to see that play out over the next several years.” – Fabrice Khullar

40:35 “We are still at the beginning. And we need to get our heads around this. And really go and read research, understand what it means for us as people as businesses, because the opportunity is huge. But also, the opportunity is quite scary.” – Katie Street

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