Purpose VS Profit: How to drive real growth with Ecomm Fashion & Gambling Head of Marketing, Laricea Ioana Roman-Halliday #30

This week Katie welcomes the dynamic Laricea Ioana Roman-Halliday to the “Marketing In the Madness” hot seat to talk all things Purpose vs. Profit in the world of Business 🔥


Laricea is a seasoned Head of Marketing in EComm Fashion at Boohoo and the gambling realm of Party Casino, plus author of “A Brand’s Purpose…Less Unicorn, More Zebra” 🦓 


Laricea unravels her extensive career and experience working with major brands, curating groundbreaking marketing campaigns that delivered profit whilst under the pressure of small budgets and limited resources – providing crucial tips for navigating the 2024 Marketing Landscape.


In this episode you’ll learn:

💰 How to thrive amid tighter budgets and limited resources

📈 The best tools and platforms to track marketing performance 

🚀 How to build profitable brands with purpose

🦸‍♀️ How to overcome imposter syndrome 


This episode is a roadmap for marketing professionals seeking fresh perspectives, innovative strategies and progression. So if you’re looking to discover top tips on driving profit in challenging times – Tune in now! 🎙


Episode highlights


“I moved to Boohoo group to Head up three of the 13 brands; Wallis, Burton and Dorothy Perkins. I joined as Head of Digital, and then I got promoted in three months to Head of Marketing. I think I had 26 people under me, so it was a massive team. And fashion is a drama queen, there’s always a drama going on, and, of course, lots of women so it can get a bit tense. But it’s been incredible. And I’ve learned a lot and I want to share that with you guys today.” – 12:14  – Laricea Ioana Roman-Halliday


“Having big budgets but super strict targets, makes your life horrendous. Whereas, if you’ve got smaller budget and perhaps looser targets you’re more relaxed” – 16:30 – Laricea Ioana Roman-Halliday


“SEO for me is one of the best channels in marketing to drive performance. You do need to invest some time and effort in it. But once that’s done, it will keep calm, it will keep giving. It’s absolutely brilliant. So I would definitely advise brands to focus more on their SEO.” –  – Laricea Ioana Roman-Halliday


“People are saying that the high street is dead and that physical experiences are too, but that is not true, because people are still craving it. And the closer  you can get to the clothes and see them and feel them and see how they look on you, the better your experience is going to be.” – 31:30  – Laricea Ioana Roman-Halliday


“The more senior I got, the more I start asking the question, “why did they choose me?”. They could have chosen someone else so why me? I’ve learned that if I’m not celebrating myself, and if I’m not honouring my work, and if I’m not shouting about my work, then no one else is going to do it.” – 46:08 – Laricea Ioana Roman-Halliday

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