Productize or Die: A Blueprint for Future-Ready Products With Tangent’s CEO, Leigh Gammons – E21

Stop DOING and start THINKING. If you really want to be future-ready, you need to start leveraging the cutting edge to do the laborious work, freeing you up for real insightful work.


Nobody’s better placed to get us up to speed with tech in marketing than Tangent’s CEO, Leigh Gammons, this week’s fabulous guest on Marketing in the Madness!


Join us to understand what Leigh means by ‘Productize or die’, and explore the universe of AI that stretches faaaaaaaar beyond ChatGPT…


This episode covers:

  • The premise of MAC technologies
  • Agency industry changes and productization
  • Using AI more intelligently in the agency world
  • Why proactivity is a life-saving trait for small businesses


Katie Street


Street Agency


Leigh Gammons