Pressures Of Being First To Market In A New Sector

In this podcast we’re joined by Katie’s new bestie Hayley-Jane Doyle! Hayley-Jane currently holds the role of Marketing Director for Seedlip and they’re not only in a fast growing sector, they’re actually the first in that fast growing sector, somewhat pioneering the way. 

In this episode  podcast we talk about:

  • How agencies should approach brands
  • The biggest challenges brands are facing (and need help with)
  • Why brands need agencies to be agile with a willingness to change
  • The importance of agencies demonstrating share values
  • Why it’s important for agencies to write case studies and enter awards

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Katie Street:

Hayley-Jane Doyle:

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“When we started the category, all of the category rules and norms were completely synonymous with the brand” – Hayley-Jane Doyle [09:31]

“What’s been interesting is how consumer behaviour has changed” – Katie Street  [12:52]

“Companies that have more of a purpose-led, deeper purpose than perhaps just the functional bits of the product” – Hayley-Jane Doyle  [15:15]

“People’s perceptions, for instance, because you’re not drinking alcohol, it’s perceived it should be cheaper” – Katie Street [19:17]

“Sometimes it’s maybe too simplistic to think, oh we worked on SipSmith and we know they’re premium, they’re in the spirits category, therefore we understand you” – Hayley-Jane Doyle [24:19]

“It’s brands that you connect with, brands that say something about you, brands that make you feel like they represent what you believe in” – Hayley-Jane Doyle [26:10]

“That’s one of the biggest challenges brands often have is how to talk to people” – Katie Street [28:19]

“It’s so interesting how a brand will come into your world and then you can’t believe they haven’t always been there!” – Hayley-Jane Doyle [29:27]

“We have to be less like a brand in an upside down way” – Katie Street [31:24]

“Being a great marketer in my eyes it’s almost irrelevant what sector you’ve been in” – Hayley-Jane Doyle [34:04]

“Innovation is a massive part of who you are, how consumers identify you” – Hayley-Jane Doyle [37:16]

“There’s always massive similarities with every brand you’re working on and huge differences” – Hayley-Jane Doyle [39:21]

“I know that multiple agencies can of course do multiple things, but when you’ve got specific challenges you’re trying to address, or there’s a whole heap of new agencies you’ve not worked with yet, it’s really difficult to navigate that” – Hayley-Jane Doyle [41:52]

“At a very basic level and at a minimum, you expect them to do the job well and hopefully out-perform” – Hayley-Jane Doyle [42:53]

“What makes an agency or a person add something special, make you want to keep working with them again is their agility, their ability to be flexible” – Hayley-Jane Doyle [43:03]

“It used to be being a safe pair of hands and if it took a bit longer and if it was a bit more expensive, especially in the digital world, that that was more important than the agility” – Katie Street [45:04]

“Agencies need to think about when they’re devising their approach, who are they and how can they truly help you?” – Katie Street [47:24]

“We often find in the team, someone will see something another brand has done and send through oh by the way did you know it was ‘x’ agency that did this, maybe they’ll be cool to talk to” – Hayley-Jane Doyle  [49:37]

“Agencies that have pitched and they do things like, redesign your logo, or show your route to market in a completely different way, or redesign something that for you feels really fundamental in terms of your look and feel. If they’re not a design agency and that’s not specifically what you’re talking about, I find I will then just switch off” – Hayley-Jane Doyle [55:07]

“Don’t be extra when you don’t need to be extra” – Katie Street [56:58]