Perfecting your social media strategy

Planning your social posts has the power to win you a potential client before you’re even in the room with them. As Director of ContentCal, Andy Lambert has first-hand experience in seeing the success that comes from making regular appearances in people’s LinkedIn feeds.

We hear Andy’s insights on the effectiveness of consistent content, growing the confidence to hop in front of a camera and microphone, and why the most important audience is the one you don’t already own yet…

Andy also considers the improvements that can be made to B2B social media feeds, and shares the ONE thing any agency should do to branch out into online content.

This episode covers

  • Using social media to attract new business leads
  • Targeting posts B2B as well as B2C
  • Understanding your most important audience
  • Using each other’s networks to grow together
  • Building trust with potential clients
  • The importance of regular content

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Episode highlights 

“The critical piece that so many people miss is failing to hone in on the ideal customer. Ultimately, whenever you’re building content, you’re building content to fundamentally help someone; through help you build trust, building trust, you drive sales. So it all starts with understanding the customer.” – 6:27 – Andy Lambert

“It all starts with a really focused approach and just asking really good questions of the customers you have today so that you can appear bigger than you are, by appearing in all of the spaces that they are.” – 8:18 – Andy Lambert

“Working together builds your audience, and the audience that you don’t own is the one that’s more powerful.” – 13:30 – Andy Lambert

“There’s a lot of complexity in marketing, but if you cut through it and ask any tech company that’s massively successful ‘What’s the biggest channel, what’s your secret to success?’, it’s so hard for them to tell you because it’s always word of mouth – social media is just word of mouth at scale.” – 14:26 – Andy Lambert 

“There’s so many ratings and reviews companies that are doing so well, because I want to trust what I’m buying. The best way to get trust is through a recommendation or review.” – 17:02 – Katie Street

“When you start to see some clients and they jump on a call, we ask ‘How did you hear about us?’. They say ‘I recognize your face from YouTube’, so you don’t need to say anything else because trust is built. As long as we can answer the questions honestly and it feels like you’re going to be the right fit to work together, half the battle is won at that point. That’s where content is just so incredibly powerful.” – 20:57 – Andy Lambert

“It’s so much easier in a B2B world than B2C. In B2C, you’ve got the whole world as your as your potential customer. When you’re talking in B2B, the people you want to target are on LinkedIn, they’re on one platform.” – 27:08 – Andy Lambert

“Remove the predictability and just run episodic content, because it works really well. People like to expect stuff to happen; you get known for something.” – 28:02 – Andy Lambert

 “Some of the earliest stuff I did, there was zero production value. I would just record on my mobile phone. But now I’m starting to write subtitles and do things a bit better. You just get going and get into the habit of it because you can bet your bottom dollar that the first one you do is probably going to be pretty rubbish anyway. So you’ve just got to relax into it. ” – 32:34 – Andy Lambert