Overcoming Uncertainty with Sam Conniff – Author of Be More Pirate

On this episode, we are joined by the amazing Sam Conniff, writer, director, producer, and professional rule breaker! Sam is something of a monumental plate spinner, juggling his time being the Author of best-selling “modern life-bible” Be More Pirate, plus spreading himself across various writer/producer/directing roles including Uncertainty Experts which is an immersive experience scientifically proven over three-hour-long episodes to convert fear, fog, and stasis into action, creativity, and trust.

This episode is a deep dive into how businesses and agencies can – and should – focus on social innovation to drive growth as well as, of course, how we can all be more pirate.

Through this podcast we discuss:

  • Why business needs to focus on social innovation inside and outside
  • How to create an interactive experience
  • Techniques that agencies can utilise to become more innovative
  • Proactively taking on change
  • The power of breaking stereotypes

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“All of a sudden I felt like I’d arrived” – Sam Conniff [14:26]

“We’re able to do stuff that really does change the world” – Katie Street [16:18]

“I’ve always been very lucky in my agencies to work with incredibly strong and brilliant women” – Sam Conniff [18:09]

“For real diversity to take place it has to be diversity of experience” – Sam Conniff [19:22]

“We’re a world that’s 70% over its capacity” – Sam Conniff [21:51]

“I had a really awful last year and a half, my entire business model was based on talks, events, conferences and all of that disappeared. I fell between all the different furlough and self-employed schemes” – Sam Conniff [24:06]

“There’s so many big changes that could come out of everything that has happened” – Katie Street [26:30]

“I published it and the piece went viral” – Sam Conniff [29:10]

“They talked about feeling like they had a sixth sense, they can sense when trouble is coming and they can sense when opportunity is coming” – Sam Conniff [30:14]

“One of the reasons that I’ve took the chance to run my own business and happy to take that risk was probably because some of the traumas that I’ve been through, both as a child and as an adult” – Katie Street [32:25]

“Uncertainty is inevitable” – Katie Street [39:58]

“The pain of not changing is greater than the pain of change” – Sam Conniff [46:23]

“What’s the one thing most likely to lead to missed opportunity? Well of course it’s a fear of failure” – Sam Conniff [50:48]

“Failing most of the time is a good thing” – Katie Street [51:12]

“A lot of agencies try to hide the realism” – Katie Street [01:01:56]

“What’s your business plan? What do you stand for? What is it you’re trying to help people with? And why are you trying to help them with that? Lots of Agencies don’t know the answer to that” – Katie Street [01:06:57]