The Art Of Comedy in Marketing: How to Make Your Brand Stand Out With Founder & CEO of Funny Women, Lynne Parker #22

It’s time to up your marketing game. This week’s episode of MITM is all about The Art of Comedy in Marketing with none other than the fabulous Lynne Parker – Founder and CEO of Funny Women. Lynne is a pioneer for women in the comedy industry. It was a pleasure to sit down and chat with such an inspirational lady!


After a misogynist comedy promoter told her “Women aren’t funny”, Lynne built a successful business championing female comedians – proving not only that women ARE funny, but that women can take the comedy world by storm! 💃💥


This MITM episode is pure gold. Lynne combines the art of storytelling with actionable insights to make this episode as inspiring as it is helpful. 


So guys, why are marketers so afraid of using comedy? Is it time we ditched the dull content and embraced the power of humour? Let’s all promise to be 10% braver in our marketing game… 🤣💪


This episode covers:

  • Comedy in marketing and advertising
  • How to use humour in your own content
  • Avoiding customer stereotypes
  • Gender equality in the comedy industry.


Episode highlights


“I believe everyone needs to think about how they can make their content more exciting at the moment. I talk a lot about value exchange, but I think if you can have funny and value and make it more around advertainment.” – 3:49 – Katie Street 


“I got annoyed that they were just booking men all the time. I just challenged them and said, Oh, can’t you put any women? Why? Why do you only book men? And I was just told to my face because women aren’t funny. And there are no funny women. I think, you know, that was my light bulb moment. I thought, okay, you know, I’ll show you.” – 5:45 – Lynne Parker 


“The other thing that’s really important to any brands listening to this is to get them when they’re new.  Katherine Ryan won our awards in 2008. I get about 20 calls a year, saying, Oh, can you get us Katherine Ryan? No, I can’t get you Katherine Ryan, because you haven’t got enough money.” – 26:03 – Lynne Parker


“I think people, especially bigger businesses, often they’re afraid of ‘I can’t say this right’. We’ve become so politically correct in a lot of ways that people are scared to say the wrong thing, or do the wrong thing” – 28:59 – Katie Street 


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