Millennials vs Gen Z: Why Age Matters (in Marketing) with Lola Davies

This episode is for marketers who want to target the right audience. We go beyond the standard demographics to really understand the different generations and how best to market to them.

Think of this episode as the holy grail of marketing throughout the generations. We’ll uncover the specific dates, juicy insights and plenty of personal anecdotes along the way. 

We all know that you’ll rarely catch Baby Boomers on TikTok, or Gen Z’s actively using Facebook, but what do our generations tell us about our shopping habits? And why is it crucial that brands start to include Gen Z in their marketing strategies? 

Who better to join Katie on Marketing in the Madness and weigh in on modern marketing than Gen Z-er and Katie’s daughter, Lola Davies! This is Millennials Vs Gen Z. An episode you won’t want to miss.

This episode covers:

  • The lesser known origins of our eldest generations
  • What makes Gen X the hardest to understand and nail down
  • The environmental values driving Millennials
  • Why Gen Z and TikTok are the perfect match
  • How to prepare yourself for capturing Gen Alpha’s attention


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