Metaverse marketing – is it right for your audience? With Global Strategy Lead at Electronic Arts, Perla Bloom

In this episode of Marketing in the Madness, Katie Street talks to Perla Bloom, Global Strategy Lead at Electronic Arts and a Co Host of an Entertainment and Technology podcast, Think Twice. With experience in a variety of industries, from FMCG, Financial Services, Telecoms, Luxury and now gaming at EA Games, Perla works on both AAA titles like Battlefield, as well as smaller more indie titles. Whatever the project she has worked on, she is always committed to providing fully integrated campaigns, with a focus on innovative digital multi touchpoint experiences, more recently involving Crypto and NFT technology.

They discuss the Metaverse and the importance of understanding your audience’s motivations before creating digital experiences, as well as the  psychology of marketing and personality type tools that are available to help businesses. 

In this episode you will hear: 

  • Understanding the motivations of your audience 
  • Creating experiences that your audience want
  • The psychology of marketing and personality types 
  • Tools to understand your prospects better 
  • How you can add value as a brand 
  • EA games marketing objectives 
  • Gamifying marketing 
  • Metaverse in the marketing world
  • Humanising marketing tactics  
  • Keeping abreast with technologies to future proof your business 
  • Using tech to make experiences better 

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