Maximising The World’s Largest Professional Network

In this week’s episode, we’re joined by Annabel Hartle, Senior Client Solutions Manager at LinkedIn. With over a decade of varied experience in digital marketing, Annabel has a huge amount of online content engagement tactics that she shares in this show and, of course, we deep dive into LinkedIn itself, looking at best practice for organic and paid content on the behemoth business platform.

As well as looking at what is working right now Annabel also shares what she sees at the next big developments within the platform and there might be an exclusive share or two that is super-valuable for agencies to be aware of!

In this show you will hear: 

  • Understanding LinkedIn reach
  • How to utilise LinkedIn engagement
  • Maximising the power of hybrid events
  • Upcoming LinkedIn services that will add huge value to brands and agencies 
  • ROI vs KPI

Links & References

Katie Street:

Annabel Hartle:

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“There’s so much that LinkedIn helps us with” – Katie Street [02:42]

“I’m a massive LinkedIn geek, but the platforms always changing” – Katie Street [05:28]

“Your LinkedIn company page is your brand presence on the platform” – Annabel Hartle [07:04]

“On organice, you can absolutely leverage single image ads, you can have carousel,you can video, you can have document ads” – Annabel Hartle [08:20]

“We’ve certainly seen a real trend when we’re putting content together for our clients and ourselves with the carousels” – Katie Street [11:15]

“One area actually that we are looking at from a page solution is actually something called document ads” – Annabel Hartle [12:36]

“There’s something called business manager that is going to be coming through as well it’s like a new dashboard for agencies” – Annabel Hartle [15:32]

“I think one of the biggest pitfalls maybe from all of us is assumptions” – Annabel Hartle [17:39]

“Definitely for us, LinkedIn and email are the 2 most successful routes into our customers or our potential customers” – Katie Street [18:36]

“Things like this really help you with that reach and take you to places that you could never go to before” – Katie Street [29:12]

“I think LinkedIn Live is a great opportunity to attract new followers to your company page” – Annabel Hartle [30:30]

“One thing I am super conscious of and certainly within our industry is, what’s a realistic budget?” – Katie Street [33:34]

“We can actually take a look and understand the behaviour of your audience” – Annabel Hartle [35:45]

“Also what I would say is do make sure you’re spending enough and not spreading yourself too thinly with campaign budgets” – Annabel Hartle [38:03]

“If you are able to have an ‘always on’ campaign, that is best practice, because typically that’s going to feed more data into the machine than a burst strategy – Annabel Hartle [41:00]

“I think lots of people think they’re measuring ROI, but actually aren’t measuring ROI” – Annabel Hartle [44:37]

“You’ve got to have done your research on your market, you’ve got to understand the needs of your audience, you’ve got to have good helpful content” – Katie Street [45:56]

“Whenever I speak to a CMO, a Head of Marketing, a Head of Digital, whoever it might be, they love LinkedIn for that, they follow people who they know are going to give them good content” – Katie Street [47:39]