MADFest, disruption and the future of events, with co-founder at MADFest, Ian Houghton, and MADFest content director, Luke Wilcox

Ian Houghton is the co-Founder at MADFest, a marketing, advertising and disruptive tech festival that’s been held since 2018. He’s joined by Luke Wilcox, MADFest’s content director to discuss how MADFest was born and what you can expect in 2023.

This episode covers:

  • How the idea for MADFest was born in a pub
  • Why MADFest is NOT a conference
  • The secrets behind MADFest’s marketing success
  • Why you should attend MADFest in 2023
  • Disruption in branding and marketing
  • Why MADFest 2024 will be even madder

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