Learning from mistakes to be an effective leader, with Chris O’Connell, Leadership, Performance and Wellbeing Coach

In this episode of Marketing in the Madness, Katie Street talks to Chris O’Connell, Leadership, Performance and Wellbeing Coach. Chris is Ex-global top biller at SThree (£15m annual fees) and £25M Recruitment business owner turned purpose-driven NED and coach. Chris helps service-based business owners looking for serious growth, he is also an advocate of Mental health (MHFA), mindset and self care.

On the podcast they discuss how almost all business problems are people problems, because people without a purpose have no centralised reason driving them to perform. Chris talks about how important it is to have purpose and uses the mistakes he’s made in life and business to help others.

In this episode you will hear:

  • How to be an effective leader
  • Using adversity and harnessing it in the right ways
  • The importance of having purpose and how to find yours
  • Why leadership can be compared with parenting
  • That business problems are often people problems
  • How to increase your LinkedIn reach
  • How to avoid burnout
  • Achieve more by doing less

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