How to price to win more new business

What changes do you need to make to become more profitable this year? On May’s edition of the New World of New Biz, Katie Street was joined by Andy Brown, Founder of etc Advisory, Marta Kowalska, Procurement Consultant at, Mike Lander, CEO at Piscari, and Rob Sandbach, Managing Director at Indiespring to share their insight on how to price to win more new business.

In this episode you will hear: 

  • What pricing strategies brand procurement look for
  • Are the days of retainers in the past?
  • Why it’s so important for agencies to price for their value
  • Different ways you can approach your pricing 

As always, our webinars were full of so many amazing insights, but here are our key takeaways from the panel:

  • Rob Sandbach, Managing Director at Indiespring – “Start with something small, do a mixture of everything, and have different solutions.”
  • Mike Lander, CEO at Piscari – “Focus on really understanding value, the economic model, what does economic value mean to the client and then link that to your pricing.”
  • Marta Kowalska, Procurement Consultant at – “Focus on Procurement. Don’t think of procurement as your enemy! Try to understand how the decisions are made.”
  • Andy Brown, Founder of etc Advisory – “Productisation, how do you unpack a package? Next time you are involved in any new business, ask the business how they’ve been impacted by covid and how is this affecting their decision-making?”
  • Katie Street, Founder of Street Agency – “People with the most insights who really care want to pick the best partner, not the cheapest partner so take time to really understand what is important to them. Ask questions to understand what they value.” 

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