How to nurture your leads and convert them into wins, with Lucy Whittington

Lucy Whittington is the Director of Brilliant Business Things – Helping business owners do more of what they are brilliant at. Combining marketing, sales, and strategy, Lucy gives business owners clarity on the things they do best and gives them smarter ways to grow their business.

Lucy has worked with start-ups through to PLCs. She hasn’t run out of marketing ideas yet, and loves making things work better. MBA qualified, and 25+ years experience of business have got her to where she is today.

Lucy is also an author. Her book ‘Find Your Thing’ helps you to discover what you are good at and shows you how to get famous for it. It’s about finding that brilliant Thing that only you do the way you do it.

MOPS is Lucy’s take on the most important elements of sales & marketing that make the biggest difference. MOPS is a process Lucy uses which stands for Message, Offer, Position, Sales Process.

This episode covers:

  • The MOPS process
  • How to come out the other side of a recession
  • How to nurture your leads and convert them into wins
  • How to sell your services and get noticed
  • Engaging your audience and showing up with the right content
  • What to do when your business has hit a wall

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