How to Level Up Your MarTech Game with Charles Bell, Senior Director of Solution Engineering EMEA at Contentful – E27

It is no secret that lots of marketers have been using AI to help with content generation. (I mean, you’ve only got to take a look on LinkedIn to spot a few)

But content creation is only half of the battle. If you haven’t got a smooth process for getting it in front of your prospects, then you’re still stuck! 


This is where the V’s of Content comes in.  Velocity, Volume, and Value. 📈 Like a finely tuned engine, they must work seamlessly together to help you get further, faster. 


Charles Bell, Senior Director Solution Engineering EMEA at Contentful, dropped some serious insights on the latest episode of Marketing in the Madness. From the broken promises of MarTech and SAAS technologies to the threats of AI.  


In a world of automation, authenticity is the real key to success. Your brand tone of voice is what separates your content from the mass of copy & paste. When the debate of copyright ownership in generative AI becomes more prevalent, you’ll want to know that your branded content is safe!


We even touch upon the broken promises of MarTech and SAAS solutions, debunking the myth of a one-click personalization. 


This episode is jam-packed with great insights across so many interesting topics – I think you’re going to love it!


This episode covers:

  • Charles career path & experience
  • Sales strategies and RFP’s
  • Digital transformation
  • Composable solutions Vs Monolith platforms 
  • AI in marketing 
  • AI’s potential to create content problems
  • Gender balance in the tech industry

Episode highlights


“An RFP is a cry for help. And so we challenge you, we go back to customers and say, You, we kind of get where you’re coming from. But we need to rethink this slightly, we’re going to help you try and rethink this, let’s help you understand how to acquire this platform, let’s help you understand what it’s going to bring for you.”  21:23  – Charles Bell


“You have to disrupt, you have to challenge, you have to advise. And by disrupt I don’t mean, be awkward, I mean, disrupt the thinking and help people understand how to acquire, implement, use, and get on a strategic path that makes sense to them.” 23:10  – Charles Bell


“The reason they bought the platform was because of these Wizzy features and benefits that would enable them to develop very personalised experiences. But they weren’t using it. Yes. Because they hadn’t really understood why they needed to use it, what the benefits to the business would be, and planned out the right journey.” -24:51 – Katie Street 


“There is this misconception that you would load your content in, and then push a button, and it would personalise. And that was never the case. Personalization is an ongoing thing. And it’s an ongoing investment.” 27:23  – Charles Bell


“We talk about ROI a lot. ROI return on investment when I get my money back? Well, you know, by buying lots of components and stitching them together, there’s an upfront cost. But I tend to think of ROI as the rate of innovation, because it is you like that when you can have that free rate of innovation. So by unlocking the power of a Contentful platform and delivering these headless experiences, it gives you a rate of innovation that you haven’t necessarily had before”  29:53  – Katie Street


“I think of looking at the three V’s and content, the three V’s of content. So there’s the velocity, there’s the volume and the value, right, so those three V’s work interchangeably, they’re intrinsically connected. Now, if you can create content at like, like volume, but you haven’t got the velocity to get it out in front of people, then you’re stuck.” 39:11 – Charles Bell