How To Generate More Revenue with RevOps Automated CEO Natalie Furness

Natalie Furness is the founder and CEO of RevOps Automated, a technology consultancy serving international businesses to scale revenue by aligning people, processes and data systems.

Natalie is ranked in the top 10 Revenue Operations LinkedIn thought leaders worldwide. She is president of the RevOps Research Collective and internationally recognised author of The Annual RevOps Report.

Alongside her day job, Natalie is passionate about inspiring people to influence positive change and evokes action through her keynote speeches and seminars.

This episode covers:

  • How to generate more revenue
  • Enriching your contacts
  • Defining key stages in customer journeys and lifecycles
  • Tracking customer journeys using CRM
  • Data hygiene and strategies to cleanse data correctly
  • What to consider when choosing platforms, tools, and software for your business
  • Integrating platforms
  • Turning marketing-qualified leads into sales-qualified leads
  • Demographics and firmographics
  • How to segment your data
  • Intent markers

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