How to attract and win more clients through LinkedIn

On today’s Word on the Street episode, Katie speaks to Lea Turner, Director of Lea Does LinkedIn – Bespoke 1:1 and group LinkedIn training, digital courses, and in-person workshops for businesses.
Lea crashed onto LinkedIn in October 2019 with no prior knowledge of the platform, but her vibrant, personable, and uplifting posts quickly drove countless leads and over 10,000 followers in her direction. She has grown a massive network of more than 150,000 people and started her own LinkedIn training business two years ago, which hit six figures within the first ten months. She now focuses her time on teaching others how to build their personal brands on LinkedIn and attract regular inbound leads for their businesses, while parenting her young son, and creating entertaining content across her various social channels.

In this episode you will hear:

  • Taking risks, being brave, and being innovative
  • Getting to the half-a-million mark
  • Navigating being authentic and showing vulnerabilities
  • Upscaling your Linkedin

There were so many amazing takeaways from today’s episode, and these were just a few of our favourites.

Navigating being authentic and showing vulnerabilities

Lea is great proof that sharing parts of your life that will connect with other people is extremely valuable, and will attract and draw the right kind of people to you. Posting vulnerably and honestly, and being true to yourself and who you are on platforms like LinkedIn, can trigger some really amazing responses from people in the comment sections and even in direct messages. Posting in this way can have a really amazing impact on people and you will be surprised by how many people relate to you, and how much they appreciate and value these kinds of posts where they can connect with you on an emotional and personal level, unlike the usual LinkedIn content which is usually structured in more of a serious and corporate manner.

Upscaling your LinkedIn

Trying to post 3 times a week on your LinkedIn is ideal if that is comfortable for you, but if you aren’t at that point yet then start with just once and build it up. When posting starts to feel easy for you, you’ll soon learn what kind of content resonates with your audience, and posting on a regular basis will become easier. Engaging with other people on LinkedIn is more important than just posting content every single day, finding interesting people to connect with, commenting on their posts, and supporting others rather than just expecting everyone to support you. Get to know people, have conversations with them, and help them. Show support for other people and get involved with your network, LinkedIn is a community. Once people recognise you and you start to show up on their and other people’s LinkedIn pages as someone who is kind and helpful, people will want to listen to you and what you have to say. People will be more willing to listen to the opinions you have once you’ve earnt their respect by giving them context, having a positive impact, and showing up consistently. Be yourself and don’t be scared to post honestly, be brave!

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