How Podcasts lead to opportunities, leads, and winning deals, with Mike Lander and Kevin Gibbons

Mike Lander and Kevin Gibbons are the hosts of It’s a Good Start Podcast. The aim of the show is to help scale-up entrepreneurs master the best of what other people have already figured out so that they can unlock their own potential. Mike and Kevin share their experiences in entrepreneurship, running digital agencies/consultancies, and looking at the buyer side perspective so that listeners can take what’s useful and get off to a good start themselves.

Kevin is Founder and CEO at Re:signal – an award-winning SEO agency, specialising in driving organic revenue growth for ambitious eCommerce brands. Kevin has presented at a large number of conferences around the world, is a columnist for multiple media sites, and has worked with well-known brands including ASICS, FatFace, and Expedia.

Mike Lander is a successful entrepreneur, ex-procurement director, and expert negotiator (according to his clients) with a proven track record of buying, growing and selling businesses. He’s raised over £6.5m of acquisition/growth capital in his career and grown companies to over £20m revenue and £4m EBITDA – he’s also negotiated 100s of deals as a buyer worth over £470m in total.

This episode covers:

  • Podcasts and lead generation
  • Business Development top tips
  • Leadership skills, managing and motivating your team
  • Identifying where your audience is
  • Trending content types
  • Content types that enable relationship building and benefit your business
  • Shattering your content and making more of your assets
  • Utilising the Gary Vaynerchuk content pyramid

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