Growing $30 Million Health and Wellness Direct to Consumer (DTC) Brands Using Digital Marketing

Nigel’s agency works with the fastest-growing direct to consumer (DTC) brands in health and wellness in the $5 – $30 Million range using digital growth marketing.

Nigel spent four years building three marketing agencies. Two of them grew from 0 to 7-figures in 1 year. He knows what it takes to put in place complex paid social campaigns at scale. Currently as the CEO of Alpha Inbound, he focuses on building his reputation in the DTC landscape using business development, partnerships, and sales. He has consulted 8-figure direct to consumer brands about growth marketing strategies to get them to the next level of revenue.

He encourages you to always challenge the thinking of the people around you in your industry. Don’t believe when you are told that a certain form of marketing is dead because by using the right language or tweaking your approach you could get engagement that you may have otherwise overlooked.

This episode covers:

  • Why you need to work in a niche
  • How to build a digital marketing agency
  • The importance of knowing the language that your consumers speak
  • Why you should use storytelling in your marketing
  • The right way to do email marketing

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