From Catwalks to Kilowatts: British Gas’ Bold Digital Retail Transformation with Director of Marketing, Ecom & Strategy, Charlotte Todd – Episode 36

British Gas is changing the game…

Charlotte Todd is lighting a fire under British Gas! 🔥(pun intended…) 😉


This fashion-marketing powerhouse with the likes of Net-A-Porter, Reiss, Chi Chi & Missguided under her belt has totally switched industries – exchanging couture for currents. 👗⚡


Now the Director of Marketing, E-commerce & Strategy at British Gas, Charlotte is not afraid to break boundaries, embrace vulnerability, and allow her team to fail to make the marketing magic happen. 


Exhibit A: Our boring UK Home Boilers meet Barbie’s beautiful Australian Margot Robbie – yes you read that correctly. 👱🏻‍♀️🛼


If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you should of course tune in to this brand new episode of Marketing in the Madness to find out…!


In this episode you’ll discover: 


🚀 Charlotte’s trailblazing career journey from leading digital strategies at top fashion brands to disrupting the world of gas and energy. 

💪 How she’s igniting innovation by being brave and speaking up 

👩‍💻 Why brands need to keep the customer journey at the core of every marketing strategy, both online and offline. 

🌟How Charlotte empowers her team to be creative risk-takers and learn from failure. 


Tune in now! 🎙🎧


Episode highlights


“I went and pitched the same strategy to the Head of Ecom at Missguided and then he was like, “Why don’t you come and work here?” So I thought, I love fashion. I don’t have a clue what I’m doing but let’s just give it a go, and I just felt like I landed on my feet. I just felt like I was at home.” – 4:42  – Charlotte Todd


“There’s no reason why you can’t have an offline and online customer and you can’t talk to them the same way in the same messaging” – 8:00  – Charlotte Todd


“Net-a-Porter get it right. Their app has really come on over the last couple of years. And they’re really good at the messaging at the right time, and informing customers if products are back in stock and creating that element of loyalty and retention, but also making you feel like you don’t want to shop anywhere else ” – 10:48  – Charlotte Todd


“I think you get to a point in your career when you’re like I can sell anything, in the end the product doesn’t matter. As long as you believe in the customer and you understand who the customer is.” – 13:03  – Charlotte Todd


“We tested everything – it’s always my motto – let’s just test it – let’s just understand how a customer is performing or where they’re dropping out. And then if it works, we’ll roll it out. If it doesn’t, roll it back. We’ll reiterate from there” – 18:12 – Charlotte Todd


“What is interesting about everything that you’ve just said, is your bravery. The fact that you’ve gone in and really pushed the boundaries of what’s possible. People forget that people don’t make change, because they’re scared to lose their jobs. A lot of the time, no one wants to be the person that did something new.” – 20:45  – Katie Street 


“I feel really vulnerable, because this is either gonna go incredibly well, or it’s gonna fail really badly. But if we don’t try, we’re never gonna know. And you have my full support to get it to a place where you can come to me with the most ridiculous idea.” – 22:16 –  Charlotte Todd



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