From a failing business to a successful 6-figure agency, with Amelia Sordell

Amelia Sordell is a speaker, content creator and Founder of Klowt—the first of its kind personal brand marketing agency. Amelia launched her first business—a clothing brand—aged 21.

After the business failed, Amelia’s resilient attitude meant she pivoted her career to become a tech headhunter, where she quickly discovered the reach and positive power that an individual personal brand can have on the overall company. It wasn’t long before people outside the organisation began to contact Amelia for her help in building their brands online.

Now 31, Amelia has built a 6-figure personal branding agency, all off the back of her own personal brand. With a strong following on LinkedIn and with views of 40 million, Amelia and the agency have worked with tech startup founders and FTSE leadership teams, such as The National Lottery, on building personal brands that deliver actual results so they can scale their lead pipeline, generate more referrals to position themselves as an authority and accelerate their businesses growth.

This episode covers:   

  • The lessons learned from Amelia’s first business failure
  • How having a sales background benefited Amelia’s business acumen
  • Amelia’s motivations for starting Klowt
  • Navigating the complexities of the client/agency relationship
  • Personal branding – How, why and where to start?
  • Women leading businesses – Strengths and weaknesses

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