Fighting for Funding: Why UK Female Entrepreneurs Deserve Your Backing with Debbie Wosskow; AllBright Co-Founder, Multi-Exit Entrepreneur & Investor – Episode 39

Female entrepreneurs deserve your backing, here’s why:


Only 2% of all capital raised in the UK goes back to a female entrepreneur 🤯


And 87p in every £1 goes to back all-male teams 😲


It’s time to take a stand, and the powerhouse leading the change is this week’s podcast guest – Debbie Wosskow. 


As Co-Chair of the UK’s Invest in Women TaskForce, Debbie is creating the biggest funding pot in the world for female entrepreneurs to make the UK the best place in the world to be a female founder. 💪👩‍💻


Because right now – it’s not. And what makes Debbie the right person for this job? 


She has built and sold multiple businesses, including AllBright – the leading career network for women and Love Home Swap, which she sold for an incredible $53 million! 💰


Hear all about Debbie’s career journey, how she’s inspired change and what new venture she is currently working on in her shift into the wellness industry by tuning in. 


In this episode you’ll discover: 

👥The importance of building strong networks for support, opportunities and empowering other women. 

🤝Practical negotiation tips for getting paid what you deserve in the workplace.

💰The funding disparities facing female entrepreneurs.

🚀How you can help advocate for more female investors 

📈Financial autonomy for women, with insights on saving, investing, and breaking free from traditional gender roles.


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