Expanding your agency using tech, systems and relationships

Relationships, often discussed but how often are they actually given the focus that they deserve, in this episode we talk about how important relationships can be in order to expand and how – as an agency – you can still even benefit from the work you turn away.

Our guest in the hot seat for this episode is Jim Hawker, Co-Founder and Sales and Marketing Director about the acquisition of ThreePipe and how that allowed them to expand, we talk about tech, processes, systems, softwares and suggestions, funnels and strategies. Threepipe works with a mix of ambitious start-ups and some of the best known consumer and business brands including Sweaty Betty, the NFL, Nike, Oracle, VTech, Nestle and In today’s episode we talk about the acquisition of ThreePipe and how that allowed for expansion, we discuss tech, processes, systems, softwares and suggestions, funnels and strategies…. Plus those all important relationships.

This Episode covers:

  • Ethics of being genuinely helpful
  • Amazon partnerships & how it helped ThreePipe Reply Expand
  • What is a digital shelf & how it can be utilised
  • Importance of not standing still
  • How ThreePipe Reply gained a competitive advantage
  • Client management and tracking
  • Smart links, what are they and how they work
  • CRM & Reporting Software
  • Having confidence in your offering

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Katie Street:

Jim Hawker:

Jim Hawker; Founder, Investor, Trustee:

Get in touch: [email protected]

Episode Highlight:

“Initially a PR focused agency being acquired by a technology’s company, how did that come about?” – Katie Street [06:20]

“And so we were kind of forced into having deeper relationships with other agencies and different channels” – Jim Hawker [09:13]

“The journey from 25 upwards to 80 or 90, was that partially because of the acquisition or did you grow to that stage before you did any MNA?” – Katie Street [12:28]

“Thos partnerships are more important for agencies, probably than they’ve ever been…” – Katie Street [14:58]

“Whenever I’ve been in post as a new biz director, you want to look at the movers and shakers, who are the marketing directors on the move… – Katie Street [18:10]

“One of the biggest things I preach to everyone is to make sure that whatever you’re doing, if you can be genuinely helpful, people are going to trust you” – Katie Street [19:26]

“Back in 2019 we invested quite a lot of time and money into creating a new Digital Shelf team – Jim Hawker [22:53]

“We’ve always been afraid of standing still really and always wanting to constantly innovate” – Jim Hawker [25:55]

“I’ve just never wanted just to be a typical agency” – Jim Hawker [26:03]

“By not being scared and understanding that you need some kind of uniqueness is, that you take yourself away and out of that price war that agencies often get into” – Katie Street [27:04]

“I think a lot of it is actually having confidence in your own offer and knowing that there are good clients out there and there are bad clients” – Jim Hawker [27:47]

“One thing we’ve spent a lot of time on is good client management and client tracking. Especially in our industry, we’re seeing clients move around faster than ever before” – Jim Hawker [31:52]

“The work we do is quite performance lead as an agency, it’s all about data and numbers…” – Jim Hawker [38:10]

“I have to say after you have worked in the industry for like 20 years, you have quite a good gut instinct as well” – Jim Hawker [49:18]

“You’ve gotta have confidence, I think this is where you need a short, medium, long term strategy to new business” – Jim Hawker [53:11]