The Human Touch: Emotion-Led B2B Marketing with Apply Digital’s, Head of Partnerships & Biz Dev, Serge Albohayre – Episode 34

It is time to bring emotion into B2B Marketing

Behind every company logo and corporate brand are real people with genuine emotions, aspirations and concerns…So why as B2B businesses are we losing that emotional element in our marketing?

This week we caught up with Serge Alboyhayre, Head of Partnerships & Business Development for EMEA at Apply Digital, who works with global brands like Coca-Cola, Kraft Heinz and The Very Group, to uncover the power of emotion-lead marketing campaigns in B2B and how tapping into emotions and crafting authentic narratives, B2B marketers can cut through the noise and speak directly to the hearts of their audience ❤️


Diving deep into the heart of B2B marketing, Serge reminds us that behind every business decision is a human emotion waiting to be understood. And our go-to-market strategies need to reflect this.

Our approach to engaging with our audiences shouldn’t differ from that of B2C companies. It is time we create content that speaks directly to our audience, solves problems, and ignites an emotional response and connection, because when it comes down to it we are trying to solve the struggles faced by an individual in their roles, not just the challenges of the business.

Tune into the episode and find out exactly why talking about the right things, in the right way, to the right people can and will take your business to new heights.

In this episode of Marketing In The Madness you’ll discover: 


👥 How to simplify your buying process with fewer RFPs circling. 

📖 Tactics for diversifying your marketing – from short virtual events tailored to drive engagement to long-form white papers.

 🚀Methods to showcase your agency’s capabilities to build trust with potential clients.

❤️ How to craft campaigns that connect on an emotional level. 


Let’s all elevate our marketing approaches by embracing the power of emotion and connection.


Plus don’t miss Katie & Serge’s bonus discussion on driving equality in tech, live NEXT week on the Marketing in the Madness Channels. 


Episode highlights


“We went on a journey, developed our first marketing strategy, as a team, we grew 250% in a couple of years, and then the most recently bought by Apply Digital” – 2:01  – Serge Alboyhayre


“Through the discomfort is often where you learn the most as a person and as a team.  We’ve done a lot of learning, and we’re getting into that, forming, storming, norming phase and now into the performing area.” – 3:01 -Serge Alboyhayre


“What we’ve tried to do over the past few years is really understand the customer. And by customer, we don’t just mean the company that we’re selling to, we mean, the person at the company that we’re selling to, and I think that’s such a big gap within the space is understanding who are you selling to? And what do they need? What are their problems? Why can’t they sleep at night? What do they dream about? Reputationally what would they like to achieve emotionally, what would they like to achieve? ” – 8:58  – Serge Alboyhayre


“I’m so bored of seeing the same things being rolled out. Another faceless report from a marketing team, that is dull as dishwater and is going to take a prospect half a day to read. Yes, reports and that long form copy is important, but more and more people want to engage with content that’s quick, fast, easy, more human” – 10:10  – Katie Street 


“You’ve also got to have short form content, long form content, because everyone wants to engage in a different way. And in order to bring people into the funnel, you’ve really got to be 1) talking about the right things and 2) have some diversity in your tactics to ensure that the reach is going to go far enough for you to build that engagement with your audience early doors.” – 19:10  – Katie Street 


“We start at pretty high price point, that’s the world in which we’re in. And so how can you give someone a snippet of what you offer and a taste of what you offer, potentially pro bono, as part of your marketing funnels, so they get close to that buy area.” – 30:42  – Serge Alboyhayre


“Agencies and businesses that aren’t making it easy for their potential future customers to buy them are going to start to struggle because it’s really hard to build business cases the RFPs seem like they’re just not they’re like they used to” – 34:32 – Katie Street 


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